These RV owners wanted to stand out from the crowd. Many of them created one-of-a-kind homemade RVs.

This first RV looks a little retro and a little futuristic at the same time!

1. The Extreme RV – as seen on the HGTV show Artscape 2013


Extreme RV from HGTV
Image Credit: Forsaken Fotos / flickr

This Stretched VW Beetle with trailer is a crazy one-of-a-kind RV. Can you imagine pulling into your favorite National park and seeing this thing parked next to you?

2. The Extended VW


Stretched VW Beetle with trailer
Image Credit: Janko Trajanov / flickr

This Volkswagen Beetle camper combination will cause you to do a double take. Is it a camper or is it a beetle? Looks like both to me.

3. The Beetle Camper


VW bug camper
Image Credit: Joseph Kubik / flickr

This looks like the offspring of a Volvo and Wooden Boat. I especially like the porthole Windows

4. Volvo wooden wagon/boat/camper thing


Volvo CamperImage Credit: Pasco Olivier / flickr

This DIY teardrop camper looks like the owner found his inspiration at the local Home Depot. This is the ultimate DIY budget camper.

5. DIY Budget Camper


DIY Teardrop Trailer
Image Credit: dwstucke / flickr

A custom RV with a deck. This custom camper offers a great view from the rear deck. I wish my RV had a deck like this. What about you?

6. The Rear Deck Camper


DIY Motor HomeImage Credit: Ed Bierman / flickr

What’s with all the stuffed animals? Ok I don’t really understand why you would do this. I guess you will make kids smile but I still don’t get this RV.

7. The Plush RV


Class C RV
Image Credit: Todd Dwyer / flickr

The MotoHome™ is a concept from the mind of Jeremy Carman, a senior architecture student at USC’s School of Architecture.  It’s like a truck cap camper, but for motorcycles,

8. The Motorcycle RV Combo


The MotoHome
Image Credit: Jeremy Carman / GoFundMe

Check out the extra axle & wheels added to this 1960s Chrysler station wagon. This one-of-a-kind RV certainly doesn’t rely on aerodynamic design!

9. 1960s Chrysler station wagon with residential conversion


Station Wagon RV Conversion
Image Credit: Todd Lappin / flickr

This old-school camper is so cute. I would love to see this in person. This antique RV needs to be in the RV hall of fame that how cool it is.

10. 1941 Western Flyer Motorhome


Image Credit: Greg Gjerdingen / flickr



Featured Image: 1956 Chevrolet Campervan via Riley / flickr