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Interactive Map of FREE and CHEAP Public Campsites

Welcome to the essential resource for locating the best FREE and cheap public campgrounds across the US and Canada, tailored for adventurers seeking vehicle-accessible, family-friendly sites. Our guide features an interactive map designed to streamline your camping journey with comprehensive and informative details. Here’s how to make the most of our guide and map.

Discover and Navigate


Interactive Map Features:

  • Search and Discovery: Drag the map or use the “Search Location” box for quick navigation.
  • Zooming: Use double-click or the slider in the upper left corner to zoom in on locations, offering a detailed view of your camping options.
  • Campground Information: Clicking on any campground symbol reveals detailed amenities. Symbols and their meanings are detailed in the map legend.
  • Get Directions: Click on the GPS coordinates to be redirected to Google maps for precise driving directions

Campground Selection Criteria

Focused on vehicle-accessible, family-friendly campgrounds with four or more verified sites, our guide aims to ensure a genuine family campground experience. Information regarding the necessity of 4-wheel drive or high-clearance vehicles is provided. At the same time, backpack-in, boat-in, horse camps, or group-only sites and selected boondocks with access advisories are excluded. Private campgrounds are not listed to maintain a focus on public camping options.

Feedback and Engagement

We value your feedback to keep our guide accurate and comprehensive. Corrections, suggestions, and general feedback are welcomed to enhance the community-driven nature of our guide.

Detailed Information and Amenities


Facilities Overview:

  • Park Types: From less developed sites to military sites requiring direct contact, including regional and utility-owned parks.
  • Facilities and Pricing: Symbols for campgrounds with a basic rate and facility availability including dump stations and RV hookups.

Amenities Overview:

  • RV Hookups and Sanitation: Details on hookups (water, electric, sewer) and dump station availability.
  • Comfort Facilities: Information on toilets, drinking water, and showers to ensure your comfort.

Reservations and Policies

  • Booking Information: Clear indicators for reservation policies.
  • Pet Policies: Quick reference on pet allowance at the campground.

Access and Contact Information

  • Directions and Mileage: Click on GPS Coordinates to discover estimated travel distances and navigation routes.
  • Contact Numbers: Includes campground and reservation lines, along with district and forest office numbers for National Forests.

Public Resources:

  • – The official site for reserving campgrounds on federal lands in the US, offering comprehensive and trustworthy information on thousands of sites, including reservations, facility information, and access details.
  • National Park Service (NPS) – The official website for the National Park Service, providing detailed information on national parks across the US, including campground details, amenities, and reservation policies.
  • US Forest Service – Interactive Visitor Map – An interactive map providing detailed information on campgrounds in national forests, including access, amenities, and contact information.
  • Parks Canada – The official site for Canada’s national parks, offering comprehensive guides, reservation details, and information on campgrounds across Canada.

Camping Directories

  • – A digital haven for free camping enthusiasts, offering GPS coordinates for boondocking sites across the nation, perfect for adventurers seeking rustic, no-cost camping experiences.
    RVers Best Public Campgrounds  A curated guide to the most affordable and scenic public campgrounds tailored for RV enthusiasts, ensuring a blend of convenience and natural beauty on your travels.
    The Ultimate US Public Campgrounds Project – web site An exhaustive online resource dedicated to mapping out public campgrounds across the US, ideal for campers in search of comprehensive site coverage.
    Woodalls Tenting Directory A dual-format directory providing detailed listings of tenting sites, merging traditional camping charm with the convenience of modern amenities.
    Dow’s National Forest Campground Guide An indispensable online and print guide for exploring National Forest campgrounds, offering detailed insights into America’s natural treasures.
    DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer The quintessential atlas for outdoor enthusiasts, offering detailed maps and campground coverage state by state, ensuring no adventure is left unplanned.
    Reserve America   A comprehensive platform for reserving a wide range of public campgrounds, simplifying the planning of your next outdoor adventure.
    Coleman on-line and book form Leveraging Coleman’s outdoor expertise, this guide provides in-depth information on National Forests’ campgrounds, blending heritage with innovation.
    Public Lands Info Center A go-to resource for information on Western State Campgrounds, offering insights and details for campers seeking adventures in public lands.
    Camping-USA A comprehensive guide to camping across the USA, featuring a wide range of campgrounds and RV parks with reviews and ratings from fellow campers.
    epgsoft Campground Map An interactive map tool designed to help campers find campgrounds across the United States, providing detailed information and directions.
    RV Park Reviews A platform where RVers and campers can share their experiences and reviews of RV parks and campgrounds nationwide, helping others make informed decisions about where to stay.
    Visit USA A general guide for tourists that includes information on camping and RVing as part of exploring the natural beauty and outdoor activities available throughout the United States.

Some Mobile Apps Useful for Campers

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    POI_Factory A comprehensive database of GPS and POI files, making navigation to campgrounds and points of interest easier for travelers.
    Wayhoo Provides access to over 1.7 million USGS coordinates, facilitating outdoor exploration and discovery across various landscapes.
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    Buy Camping Equipment A one-stop shop for all camping needs, offering a wide range of high-quality camping gear for outdoor adventures.

Community Contributions

This database, compiled by Tom Hillegass and continued by his son, Aaron Hillegass, is a community-driven effort. We encourage campers to share updates and feedback to enhance the guide’s accuracy and comprehensiveness.