Are you eager to traverse the scenic landscapes of the United States and Canada in your RV? Campgrounds can become a repetitive, run-of-the-mill experience after you’ve been to so many of them one too many times. The same sites filled with campers and RVs provide the same old scenery and the same old stories of roughing it in the woods. A Harvest Hosts membership could rejuvenate your RVing adventures, connecting you with unique experiences. You can have so many more adventures in over 3,000 locations with this $99 yearly membership. But how does a membership with Harvest Hosts work? What are the best features of this membership? And is it worth signing up? In this comprehensive guide, we answer all your burning questions about this RV hosting service. Keep reading to learn if a Harvest Hosts membership will meet all of your RVing expectations!

How Does Harvest Hosts Work?

Harvest Hosts offers an exclusive RV membership tailored for both RV owners and renters. With a yearly membership, you get unlimited access to overnight stays in unique RV camping opportunities and experiences across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. You can enjoy wineries, breweries, distilleries, museums, and many other attractions. Their primary benefit is granting members access to over 3,500 locations for complimentary overnight RV stays. You can find an extensive directory of hosts via their app and website, along with partner discounts at various brands, money-back guarantees, and much more. Every Harvest Hosts listing includes:

  • GPS coordinates of the site
  • Maximum RV length accommodated
  • Number of spots
  • Pet Policy
  • On-site facilities
  • Reservation requirements
  • Customer reviews
  • Site photos
  • And more.

Harvest Hosts members can review all the location details and book a stay through the website or app. Members can also contact the hosts directly to get more information about regulations and what they need to know before they drive over.

Why Should You Use Harvest Hosts?

For those journeying cross-country and seeking memorable overnight stops, Harvest Hosts is your ideal choice. While there are plenty of other options, Harvest Hosts’ listings include unique experiences that will make your stay more memorable and comfortable. Not to mention affordable—all overnight stays are free if you have a membership! You’ll have access to unique overnight parking at properties affiliated with the Harvest Hosts program. You can enjoy fun and unique locations such as wildlife rescue facilities, fruit and vegetable farms, dairies, cideries, and many more. There’s no need to pay anything once you get there—everything is covered by the membership fee. However, Harvest Hosts members are expected to support the business in some way by spending a minimum of $20. You are free to choose how to spend $20 so long as it helps the business—for example, you can buy fresh produce from a farm, shop for souvenirs from a museum gift shop, or indulge in a bottle or two of wine from a vineyard. With these simple purchases, you help boost local businesses as you enjoy your free overnight stay. It’s a win-win for you and the host! Harvest Hosts locations offer different levels of services for RVers that stay in their properties. The minimum requirement is an overnight parking spot. Some hosts may also provide the following:

  • Water hookup
  • WiFi
  • Separate tow vehicle parking
  • Picnic or patio area
  • Access to their restaurant
  • Farmers market
  • Gift shop
  • Hiking
  • Birding and wildlife viewing

Contact your host directly to learn about all their amenities. Some locations may also allow you to stock up on food, fresh produce, fuel, and more. These resources will limit the need to make multiple stops on your road trip, so you can just enjoy the great outdoors!

Harvest Hosts – Member Reviews

Harvest Hosts features a member portal, allowing users to share photos and insights from their stays. It can be incredibly helpful for other members looking for the best location for their next trip. Member reviews will also give you access to information that the host listings don’t, such as road noise, on-site livestock, cell coverage, site-specific smells, quality of amenities, host friendliness, and more. We found the reviews from users to be mostly positive. Most Harvest Hosts deliver the unique and memorable experiences they promise with their listings. Some members have mentioned a lack of options in certain parts of the country. But Harvest Hosts is constantly adding more listings to their directory, so members can enjoy unique adventures wherever they are.

Can You Use Harvest Hosts if You Don’t Own an RV?

Harvest Hosts memberships aren’t limited to RV or camper owners. Travel trailers, motorhomes, camper vans, truck campers, schoolies, and fifth-wheel trailers are also allowed. Host locations also accept vehicles towed behind RVs.

Types of Harvest Hosts Locations

With a vast network, Harvest Hosts boasts numerous hosts spanning the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The density of locations in certain regions may vary. They offer overnight RV hosting services at offbeat locations such as:

  • Wineries
  • Farms
  • Golf courses and country clubs
  • Museums and attractions
  • Breweries and distilleries
  • And more.

Should You Become a Host?

After numerous enriching experiences at Harvest Hosts locations, many campers contemplate becoming hosts themselves. And it’s a great idea for not just the added revenue but also the free marketing and visibility boost from RVers all over the country. Besides, you don’t have to pay anything to become a host. You do not need to provide extra features or facilities since all campers must be strictly self-contained. Hosts are only required to host the camper trailer for one night and only if there are free parking spots that evening. Another reason to become a host is to add a fresh revenue stream to your property. RVers love fresh produce and unique experiences and will be eager to find a parking spot without too many other vehicles nearby. Signing up with Harvest Hosts will bring many new people to your corner of the world, and you can enrich each other’s lives with your passions. Harvest Hosts further facilitate this through their offer of free membership for all their hosting partners!

Using Harvest Hosts to Check and Book Overnight Stays


Step 1

Sign up for a membership and register as a new user. Then log in to your account. On your account dashboard, look for the Let’s Find Your Next Host section.

Step 2

There are four Search options that allow you to search by US state, Canadian province, location, and route. Select the one that will suit your situation best.

Step 3

You will generate a map of all locations offering overnight hosting services based on your search. Browse these listings to find what you’re looking for. You can access the various restrictions and requirements of each location. You can click on the hosting sites to learn more about them.

Step 4

Once you’ve finalized the host you want to go for, go to their listing and click the Request A Stay button. Some listings may not have such a button. This means you should contact the host directly to inquire about availability.

Step 5

Once your host confirms availability, you can book a stay with them right away. If the host doesn’t respond to an online Request A Stay query, check your email inbox and spam folders. The host will let you know about all the check-in or parking details you need to know once you arrive at the location.

Step 6

The final step of the process is simply checking in to the spot on the day of your booking. Here’s what you need to prepare for before an overnight stay:

Code of Conduct for Harvest Hosts Members


Harvest Hosts requires members to agree to certain codes of conduct when they’re on site. These regulations are meant to ensure the visiting campers don’t inconvenience the hosts. Here are the codes of conduct they’ve outlined for members:

  • All members must book a spot for their RV or camper and confirm their stay before they arrive. Members must not arrive on-site unannounced.
  • All RVs must be self-contained.
  • All RVs must arrive during business hours. (Although some hosts may allow you to arrive beyond business hours. Contact them directly to discuss a schedule that is practical for you.)
  • Inform the host about the type of vehicle and its size.
  • Follow the host’s instructions to get to your parking spot and any other conditions to follow when parking.
  • Furnish your membership card and introduce yourself to the host.
  • Make a minimum $20 purchase to support the host’s business.
  • Do not stay for longer than 24 hours unless previously discussed with and permitted by the host.
  • Park only where indicated. Remember that not all parking spots may be level and are subject to environmental conditions.
  • Keep a low profile and avoid disturbing neighbors.
  • Turn off loud music and generators by 10 pm or during the host’s quiet hours.
  • Ask before you use your generator. If permitted, stick to using it between 8 am and 10 pm.
  • Check local regulations on generator usage.
  • Do not enter restricted or closed areas; ask before entering working farms or historic locations. These sites are business properties and all guests are subject to the location’s regulations.
  • Do not leave children or pets unattended.
  • Only indoor cooking is allowed.
  • Do not light fires of any kind.
  • Ask for permission before putting jacks down. Do not use jacks on asphalt without jack-pads.
  • If you have slide-outs, inform your hosts and make proper arrangements.
  • Check local alcohol restrictions if you want to consume alcohol outside your RV or on the host property.
  • Members must acknowledge that their vehicle is insured according to all local, state, and provincial laws. They must also carry proof of insurance in the vehicle.
  • Members are responsible for their actions and their resulting consequences.
  • Do not litter the parking spot with trash. Take all your trash with you.
  • Thank the host when departing.

If members do not comply with these regulations, Harvest Hosts has the right to revoke their membership privileges without a refund.

Harvest Hosts Packages and Pricing

Harvest Hosts offers three membership plans to aspiring campers. Here are your options and the corresponding price tag for each:

Harvest Hosts Classic Plan

The basic plan costs $99 per year and gives members access to:

  • 3,577+ locations
  • Unlimited free overnight stays
  • 3-month 100% money-back guarantee

Harvest Hosts + Boondockers Welcome Plan

This plan includes all features from the classic plan along with access to 6,716+ listings at $169 per year.

All Access Plan

The premium plan from Harvest Hosts includes all the features of the basic and mid-tier plans along with access to 7,120+ locations. All at the price of $179 per year. The plan and price also include access to the golf course locations (more on that below). The best part of subscribing to Harvest Hosts membership plan is that you can renew your plan for the same starting price you signed up for. Since Harvest Hosts increases their prices almost annually, this is an enticing, cost-saving decision for RVers looking forward to many years of camping in thousands of locations. Your membership begins on the day you join and is subject to renewal on the same day the following year.

Harvest Hosts Golf Courses Add-On

Harvest Hosts offers a golf course add-on with their membership plan. It costs an additional $40 per year on top of their membership fee. The add-on gives members access to overnight parking at golf courses or country clubs in multiple locations across the country. There are also discounts on many on-site amenities, including rounds of golf. You can get the golf upgrade by visiting your member dashboard. Once logged in, you can:

  • Select the Settings tab
  • Click on the Manage Membership tab
  • Then select the Upgrade Your Membership option
  • Now choose the golf course option and upgrade your plan

Harvest Hosts Discount Code Offers

Harvest Hosts provides a ton of discounts on their membership plans. You can check out this link to claim a 15% discount offer right away!

Harvest Hosts Membership Benefits

Here’s a quick summary of all Harvest Hosts membership benefits:

  • Unlimited free overnight stays at any Harvest Hosts location
  • Monthly newsletter with updates on new hosting sites and membership perks
  • Access to the online directory of hosting locations via website and app
  • Access to all pertinent host location details
  • Access to an online portal to request availability and reserve host site
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Partner discounts for various brands

One Harvest Hosts membership is only for one RV or camper. If you’re traveling with multiple campers, each one must have an active member on board. Harvest Hosts also has a mobile app where members can find and book overnight RV stays. It has a complete directory of host sites by state, location, and route, with all the information you can find on the website. The app also has a Request-to-Stay system where members can see the host’s online calendar and submit a booking inquiry.

Best Apps to Use With Harvest Hosts When RVing

Here are some apps that you may find very useful for your RV camping:

  • Outdoorsy (for RV renting)
  • RVshare (for RV renting)
  • RVezy (for RV renting)
  • Roadtrippers (for planning that roadtrip)
  • GetUpside (for cashback on gas)
  • The dyrt (for trip planning and campground database)

Pros of Harvest Hosts



The standout advantage of Harvest Hosts is the plethora of benefits offered at a competitive price, regardless of your chosen plan.

Fresh, Offbeat Locations

You gain access to wonderful locations that are otherwise inaccessible while RV camping. You can explore these niche places and experiences that are very different from your regular camping itinerary. These sites are often not populated by other RVers or campers, which can feel like a breath of fresh air. The sites are out of the hustle and bustle zones in the city, so they are quite peaceful.

Dog-Friendly Site Options

Many of the host sites are very pet-friendly. As long as you keep your pets on a leash and clean up after them, you are free to bring them along.

Network Coverage

Harvest Hosts locations are fully operational businesses, so the areas have good cell coverage and internet connectivity. While not all hosts provide WiFi access, you can maintain healthy mobile connections in these locations.

Flexible Hosts

While some host locations only allow single-night stays, many are open to accommodating campers for two or more nights. Just contact your host directly to inquire about your scheduling options.

Support Local Businesses

The minimum $20 spend option is a fantastic feature that helps local businesses when RVing.  

Top Regrets of a Harvest Hosts Membership


No RV Hook-Ups

One challenge faced at Harvest Hosts locations, as opposed to traditional campgrounds, is the absence of RV hook-up amenities. Campgrounds are equipped with all the resources you need throughout your stay, such as water, electricity, and restroom support. Some Harvest Hosts locations may provide these features, but they are far from guaranteed. Hosts are only obliged to provide a parking space for the night. Before you book your next trip, make sure you have considered alternate restrooms, water, and electrical facilities. Contact your host to find out what amenities you can use. If you prefer dry camping, you’ll face few issues with Harvest Hosts.

Removal of Host Locations

Another problem with Harvest Hosts is the occasional removal of locations you may want to visit again.

Planning Ahead of Time

More adventurous RVers may chafe at having to plan their trips ahead of time. There is little room for spontaneity when you have to book your location well in advance and discuss all pertinent details with your host long before you get in your RV and drive.

Is a Harvest Hosts Membership Worth It?

For campers, Harvest Hosts presents an exceptional value with its reasonably priced annual membership, promising a year filled with adventures. You can make the most of your membership if you’re RVing full-time or planning several cross-country trips within the year. You can try crunching the numbers: determine the number of stops you’ll make in a single RV camping trip. In our experience, one or two campground stays are significantly more expensive than a $99 Harvest Hosts membership. The novelty of the various business locations is worth at least a one-year membership. If you find that you prefer staying in campgrounds instead of parking lots on farms and wineries, then you can cancel your plan. Harvest Hosts also offers a three-month 100% money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with their services and features. Request a refund by contacting Harvest Hosts directly.

Final Words

Overall, Harvest Hosts is the best bargain for avid RV campers. For such a low price, you get so much more than what you pay for. Some locations are some of the best places in North America where you can camp your RV overnight.

Harvest Hosts FAQ


How long will it take to get a reservation with Harvest Hosts?
Connecting with a host and booking a reservation can take one day or up to two weeks. We recommend securing a booking as soon as you’ve finalized your trip and found the best stops.

What types of RVs are allowed?
Harvest Hosts locations permit all types of RVs, including Class A, Class C, Class B motorhomes, travel trailers, camper vans, fifth wheels, truck campers, toy haulers, motor coaches, and schoolies. They also allow teardrop-style trailers and vans or truck campers with pop-up roofs. Make sure to check the size accommodations indicated in each listing. Pop-out trailers, bikes, motorcycles, rooftop tents, and ground tents are prohibited. Guests cannot sleep in their car, truck, or minivan. Overnight guests are not allowed to use outdoor kitchens, so all cooking must be done inside the RV. RVs and campers of all types must be self-contained with interior toilets and wastewater holding tanks. Trailers with cassette, porta-potty, or composting toilets must dump their waste off-site.



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