The web has made it easier than ever to learn about RVing, travel, and road-tripping. Whether you’re getting started or have been hitting the road for decades, an old dog can always learn neat tricks. Blogs, videos, social media, and more give you a plethora of information on RVing at your fingertips. When it comes to learning, following others’ examples and seeing what they did to overcome obstacles can be more beneficial than you realize.

Here are five RV blogs to follow and learn more about RVing, destinations, customizing your rig, and more. Ready to become an even better RVer? Let’s get started.

5 of the Best RV Blogs to Follow

Love Your RV

The Love Your RV  blog comes to us from a Canadian couple who sold their brick and mortar home, buy a 5th wheel RV, and go traveling across North America. I chose this blog due to the variety of content. The Love Your RV blog is full of travel reports, RV product reviews, tips, and tricks, and plenty more.

The author’s background as an electronic technician shows on the blog as he offers tons of significant modifications that can be used by the reader to improve their RV. With three years and 50,000 miles strong, this helpful blog is a great resource for many RVers.

Everything About RVing

Everything About RVing is run by Al Wiener and provides about everything you’d ever want to know about RVing online. From articles on where to go RVing to how to fix up your ride, there’s something for every level RVer here. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of what RVing is and can be on and off the road, Everything About RVing is a must-read blog. Not finding what you need to know on the site?

Alan takes questions, too! Consider submitting your question and see if it gets answered on the website and make sure to watch his Twitter feed because he’s sharing new articles, tips, and tricks on social media.


The unique blog Technomadia is geared towards the younger X, Y, and Millennial generations that are rivaling the baby boomers on the road. The couple running the blog met on a Toyota Prius forum fell in love and have been on the road ever since in their converted bus. This blog focuses on current issues not addressed by many other full-time RVers such as sustainability, minimal impact travel, and the trials of tribulations of working in the tech sector while on the road.

Technomadia’s website is the expert resource on staying connected to the web and technology no matter where they are, and they try to help other RVers out with their posts on solar panels, and lithium-ion batteries and have even authored The Mobile Internet Handbook. The Technomadia blog also provides several links to other younger generation full-timer blogs.

Wheeling It

Wheeling It is brought to us by another couple that quit their monotonous jobs and hit the road full-time with their two cats and Great Dane in tow. This blog stands out because it addresses some of the many critical issues for full-time RVers that some travel blogs gloss over, such as getting health care, pet care, and working.

The blog is also mixed with an updated tips and tricks section, a modification section, and a dense section of travel stories browsed by individual states. The vast amounts of content are organized on this blog, making it a formidable resource for those looking for everything from recipes to information on finding a veterinarian.

Frugal RV Travel

The Frugal RV Travel blog is a guide on how to save money while RVing, full-time or not. The blog discusses boondocking in depth. Boondocking is the practice of RV camping without any utility hookups, often to save money by staying at free campsites.

This blog also discusses budgets, purchasing an RV, doing repairs on the road, and many other varieties of topics that concentrate on maximizing your dollar and adventure. The blog also includes links to buy extensive and detailed boondocking guides specializing in RVing destinations like California and Arizona.

More Blogging Resources for RVers

Here are a few more blogs to check out to learn more about RVing that we love:

Here’s a  best RV blog list that is curated from thousands of blogs on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness.

When learning the ins and outs of RVing, or road tripping in general, relying on others’ expertise and experience is the way to go. The web makes it easier than ever to see what others are up to. Check out the above blogs for guidance before your next adventure and see how to get the most out of your trip no matter the destination.

Featured Image Credit: Skitterphoto / Pixabay