RV Clubs, National Park Passes & Discount Camping

Embarking on an RV adventure can be an unforgettable experience, filled with breathtaking landscapes, bonding with friends and family, and exploring the great outdoors. But, did you know that joining RV clubs and acquiring national park passes can significantly enhance your RV experience and save you money? In this article, we’ll dive into the world of RV club memberships, national park passes, and discount camping programs, so you can make the most of your RV travels.

Maximize Savings

Importance of RV Club Memberships and Discounts

Joining an RV club or purchasing a national park pass can offer numerous benefits, such as discounted campground fees, access to exclusive events and resources, and even valuable tips from fellow RV enthusiasts. These memberships and passes can also help you save money on fuel, vehicle maintenance, and other travel-related expenses.

Benefits of Joining RV Clubs and Acquiring Passes

Beyond the financial advantages, being a member of an RV club or owning a national park pass can provide you with invaluable information, support, and a sense of community. You’ll gain access to a network of like-minded individuals who can offer advice, share experiences, and even become lifelong friends.

Beyond Savings

RV Club Memberships

Good Sam Club

One of the largest and most well-known RV clubs in North America, the Good Sam Club offers a wide range of benefits to its members, from discounts at campgrounds and fuel stations to specialized insurance options. Members can enjoy discounts on nightly rates at Good Sam-affiliated campgrounds, fuel, RV maintenance, repairs, accessories, emergency roadside assistance, and RV insurance options. For detailed membership benefits, tiers, and costs, you can visit their official site (Good Sam Club) and Good Sam Blog for comprehensive insights into what the membership entails.

Annual Costs and Membership Tiers

The Good Sam Club offers three membership tiers: a one-year membership for $29, a two-year membership for $50, and a three-year membership for $69. The longer your membership, the more you save on the annual cost.

Escapees RV Club

Founded in 1978, the Escapees RV Club supports the RV lifestyle with resources, services, and a supportive community. Members gain access to a network of RV parks, mail forwarding, domicile assistance, job opportunities, and educational materials. Escapees host events to help new RVers. For more information on their annual costs and benefits, you can explore their website or seek reviews and testimonials from current members for firsthand experiences. For detailed information on the Escapees RV Club, including their support services, membership benefits, annual costs, and community events, please visit their official website: Escapees RV Club.

Annual Costs and Membership Tiers

Escapees RV Club offers a single membership tier at an annual cost of $39.95, with the option to purchase a lifetime membership for $850.

FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association)

The FMCA focuses on enhancing the motorhome lifestyle with education, resources, and social connections. Benefits include access to FMCAssist, discounts on campground fees, tires, RV insurance, and more. They offer a variety of membership tiers, including an option for a lifetime membership. Detailed information on FMCA’s offerings can be found on their official website or through RV forums and communities where members share their experiences. For comprehensive details on the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), including benefits such as FMCAssist, discounts on campground fees, tires, RV insurance, and information on their membership tiers, please visit their official website: FMCA.

Annual Costs and Membership Tiers

FMCA offers a one-year membership for $85, a two-year membership for $160, and a three-year membership for $225. There is also a lifetime membership option available for a one-time fee of $1,500.

Compare RV Clubs

RV Club Comparison Chart

Feat. Good Sam Escapees FMCA Harvest Hosts Boondockers
Cost $29/yr $39.95 $69/yr $99 $79
$50/2yr $850 Life
Tiers 3 1 1 1 1
Discounts Up to 10% off 2,000+ Camp
Up to 50% off Escapees RV parks Varies by Campground Varies, by host Up to 5 nights free
Fuel discounts Tires, RV ins. discounts Campground, tires, RV ins. discounts
Unique Ben. Emergency
Mail fwd, job opp’s FMCAssist
Med Evac
Stays at wineries, farms & more Stays at private props.
RV ins. options Educ. materials, events Online community
Community None Rallies, camps Rallies, conventions Online community Limited online community
Notes Limited focus RV support & res. Motorhomes focus Unique stays

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts provides an innovative approach to RV travel, transforming ordinary trips into memorable adventures. By granting members access to stay overnight at an array of unique locations, including wineries, breweries, farms, and various attractions throughout North America, Harvest Hosts creates opportunities for enriching travel experiences. This service not only offers a distinctive way to explore the beauty and diversity of the continent but also connects RV enthusiasts with the local culture and commerce of the places they visit. For a deeper dive into the benefits, experiences, and membership details of Harvest Hosts, including how to become a part of this unique travel community, visit their official website: Harvest Hosts. Here, you can also find testimonials from current members and insights into the variety of destinations available through this service, enriching your RV lifestyle with every journey.

Annual Costs and Membership Tiers

Harvest Hosts offers a basic membership at $99 per year, granting access to their standard locations. They also provide a premium “Golf” membership for $139 per year, which includes access to an additional 300+ golf courses and country clubs.

Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome offers an intriguing and budget-friendly alternative to traditional campgrounds by connecting RVers with homeowners who graciously offer free overnight parking. This platform fosters a unique community spirit, allowing members to explore new locations with the added benefit of local insights and connections. It’s an ideal solution for those seeking to immerse themselves in diverse experiences while maintaining the freedom and flexibility that RV travel affords. Through Boondockers Welcome, members can enjoy the hospitality of hosts across North America, ranging from serene countryside settings to vibrant urban locales, each offering a distinct backdrop to park and rest. For those interested in exploring this cost-effective travel option, further information, including membership details and host locations, can be found on their official website: Boondockers Welcome. This service not only enhances the RVing lifestyle by providing affordable stays but also enriches the travel experience through personal connections and the discovery of off-the-beaten-path gems.

Annual Costs and Membership Tiers

Boondockers Welcome offers a single membership tier at an annual cost of $50.

America the Beautiful Pass

National Park Passes

The “America the Beautiful – National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Pass” is an essential item for outdoor enthusiasts, offering unparalleled access to the vast beauty of the United States’ federal recreational lands. This all-encompassing pass unlocks the gates to more than 2,000 sites, including the splendor of national parks, wildlife refuges, and national forests, providing a passport to the country’s natural treasures.

Pass Benefits: Owning the America the Beautiful Pass means enjoying free entrance to countless sites, sidestepping the individual entrance fees that can quickly add up. Furthermore, it offers potential discounts on amenities that enhance the outdoor experience, such as camping, boat launching, and guided tours, making adventures more accessible and affordable.

Pass Categories and Prices:

  • Annual Pass: Available for $80, it’s valid for one year from the month of purchase, catering to the needs of both avid adventurers and casual explorers.
  • Specialized Passes: Tailored options exist for seniors, military personnel, those with disabilities, and volunteers, recognizing their contributions and circumstances with adjusted benefits and pricing.

Senior Pass: For U.S. citizens or permanent residents aged 62 or older, this pass amplifies the value of outdoor adventures with entrance privileges and a 50% discount on certain amenities, available as an Annual Pass for $20 or a Lifetime Pass for $80.

Access Pass: A gesture of inclusivity, the Access Pass is free for U.S. citizens or permanent residents with permanent disabilities, offering the same comprehensive benefits as the America the Beautiful Pass, including discounts on select amenities.

Military Pass: In honor of their service, the Military Pass is complimentary for current U.S. military personnel, veterans, and Gold Star Families, facilitating free access to the natural and cultural heritage safeguarded in national parks and federal lands.

For more detailed information about each pass, including how to purchase or acquire them based on eligibility, visit the USGS store or the National Park Service’s dedicated page for the America the Beautiful Pass Series. You can also find specific pass information and online purchasing options directly through the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area page on the National Park Service website.

Passport America Membership Card

Discount Camping Programs

Passport America

Passport America offers a 50% discount at over 1,800 campgrounds for members, with memberships starting at $44 annually. For more details on their offers and membership tiers, visit their official site at Passport America.

KOA Value Kard Rewards

KOA Value Kard Rewards provides a 10% discount on nightly camping fees, rewards points for future stays, and access to exclusive offers, including a free night during KOA’s Value Kard Rewards Appreciation Weekend. The program has an annual fee of $36. For more information, visit KOA Rewards.

Campground Membership Outlets

Campground membership outlets like Coast to Coast, Thousand Trails, and Resort Parks International (RPI) provide access to a wide network of campgrounds at reduced rates, with different levels of membership offering varied benefits, from basic discounts to comprehensive amenities including resort access and priority reservations. The cost and duration of these memberships can greatly vary, with initial fees ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars and annual dues between $100 and $500.

Find Your Perfect RV Club


Deciding Which Memberships and Passes Are Right for You

When choosing RV club memberships, national park passes, and discount camping programs, it’s essential to consider your travel preferences, budget, and the frequency of your RV adventures. Some memberships may offer more value to full-time RVers, while others might be better suited for occasional trips.


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