Time flies!

Oh my goodness!  My how the time flies when you’re having fun!!  I can not believe it’s been more than 2 months since my last blog post.  So much has happened in that time I don’t even know where to begin!  I guess it’s best to begin at the beginning. 🙂

As of December 27, 2012 we have been living full time in the RV.  We sold the last of our belongings, got everything moved out of the house and here we are!  We are in a beautiful spot that only has two other RV’s on it and includes a private island and water/marsh views galore!  We could not have chosen a better spot to start our adventure.  Since we need to stay in this area until our daughter finishes college we wanted something that was more private and I will tell you, driving around and doing a little research sure pays off!

We found this location strictly by chance.  It is just down the road from one of the most premier locations in the low country of South Carolina.  It is right on the May River and the surrounding marshland offers a large variety of wildlife!    Here are a few photos that highlight our new space:

marsh1 river2 river

We are very lucky to be where we are.  The local campgrounds do not offer much in the way of parking spaces (too close together!) and our current location allows us a very short drive to work.  Best of both worlds!

We were also able to build a deck at our space to make it more “homey” and to also get away from the dirt – we reused wood from an old deck at our house and it sure makes a huge difference!

deck3 deck1 deck2

I’m sure whoever follows in our location will be very happy to have this deck.  The best part is that it didn’t cost us much to build!

We haven’t posted much simply because we’ve just been living and working.  Saving money so when the day comes we can hit the road!  We’ve adjusted very well to living in such a small space and we find that it has brought us closer together.  Our animals love it as well – our cat Shine especially loves all the windows! 🙂

There is a lot more to share but I don’t want to drag this post out forever.  We have some new updates on the RV to share as well as the new toad we bought.  That will follow shortly.

Until then… happy trails!

Shelly & Mark ~ Boondock Or Bust!


Demo done – Remodel begun!

Wow!  The remodel is almost done!! I say “almost” as I don’t know that we’ll ever truly be done.  I have a long list of *little* things still to accomplish but the big things are pretty much DONE!  We started by tearing out all the carpet, the couch, and the dinette to make it our own.  We painted, put down flooring, built a desk/counter space, put in a new couch, etc etc.  Here are some photos of all that we have done!  I will be uploading the newest ones soon with the completed look – including a post about our new location!! It is AWESOME!  🙂

Here we go:

I will be adding quite a few more photos in the next week.  We are pretty proud of the finished product!  And I’m really grateful I have the handiest husband ever!! 🙂


Demo Days!

We’ve been working hard on the new rig every weekend!  So much so, I’ve neglected the blog.  🙂 So I thought I would drop a quick post with some “before” and “during” demo shots!  We have basically taken everything out – dinette, couch, carpeting, flooring in kitchen and toilet room – and are starting fresh.

To give you a general idea of the process here are some photos.  These are pretty boring, I know, but just wait until you see the AFTER shots!!  This rig is looking AMAZING!!! So to get you started here they are – before & during:

Ok, so that was a quick view of our taking stuff out.  The new stuff will be posted soon!!  We’ve had so much fun doing this remodel!!!  🙂