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Avion After Photos

Finally!! After nearly 3 months of working full time on Armani the Avion we are pleased to say he is ready to be a full time RV!

Not to say that everything is finished. As we all know with RV’s of any age the work never stops. We did complete the solar project as well (more on that later). And we still have to buff and polish his satiny aluminum! But now we are ready to get back on the road after our nearly 8 month hiatus! Wow! I can’t believe it’s been that long.

But without further ado I present the completed interior of our Avion. Click on each picture to see a full size version. Go HERE to see the before photos! Enjoy!

New awning installed!
New and improved lounge area!
Another view of the lounge
Love the “L” shape!
The dining area set up
New fridge (electric), new hardware on screen door and a compass rose decal!
Compass Rose decal up close!
Looking towards the lounge and kitchen area
Loving the NEW kitchen! It’s amazing what paint can do!
More kitchen
Another view
With the kitchen cart and “bar” added – the Berkey is a must!
Up close detail of my faux finished counters! They turned out great!
The new flip up desk! Replaced the old dresser that stuck out too far
Desk engaged
Another view of desk
Desk engaged – see the storage underneath?
Bedroom completed! Sweet dreams on our 10″ memory foam mattress
Looking the other way. We installed our 12 volt TV on the cabinet for easy viewing.
The rear bath. So large and luxurious now. We carried our 100% cork flooring throughout the whole rig.
Large porcelain sink. Kitty approved!
New flush toilet and the counters were faux finished in here as well.

And that’s it for now!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this virtual tour of all the updates we have done.  Now to hit the road!

1979 Avion 29J. What a fun restoration this was!


Shelly & Mark ~ Boondock or Bust!


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Camping at American Girl Mine

After spending a couple of weeks at Quartzsite we were starting to get frustrated with the crowds and rude people. We had a huge rally group park right on top of us and one guy nearly hit our dog (who was on his cable by our rig) with his RV. Time to go!

We decided to head down HWY 95 towards Yuma and decided to stop one night at KOFA wildlife refuge.

Overnighting at KOFA wildlife refuge

After chatting with some other RVer’s we decided to head to American Girl Mine. This is another BLM area on the California side of Yuma.

All set up at American Girl Mine BLM area

There was a big gathering of fellow RVer’s including Aluminarium, Wanderwasi, Drive-Dive-Devour, Bold & Adventurous, Finding Marshall, 2 Wander Away and many others!

The first night there we had a low key gathering for happy hour and enjoyed a glorious sunset!

Sunset in the desert

We’ve been big fans of Aluminarium since we started this journey so it was awesome to meet Leigh, Brian and Curtis! We love their website Campendium which provides so much good info on boondocking areas, state parks and RV parks. You can leave a review of any place you’ve stayed as a helpful resource to others.

Leigh was also kind enough to feature us on her blog!! Of course, it could be the fact that we were sucking up wearing our Campendium hoodies too! 😜 

Wearing our Campendium hoodies!

While we were there, Jase of Wanderwasi was kind enough to get some great drone footage of us and our rig!  This was such an awesome thing for him to do and we so appreciated having this great memory!

There was a lot of great walking/hiking areas including the old mine shafts and tailings.

American Girl Mine
American Girl Mine

Just up the road was Tumco Ghost Town.  Another great area to explore with a ton of history behind it.  Very interesting to see the remains of the old buildings and mining areas.

Tumco Ghost Town
Walking the trails at Tumco
Walking the trails at Tumco

Another awesome aspect of being in the desert were the hummingbirds!  We had so many come and visit our feeder and I was actually able to capture this great shot of this pretty girl.    

Female hummingbird captured with my iPhone 6. She would let me sit within inches of her!

The desert is amazing in so many ways.  It’s so surprising to me that so much can survive there in the extremes of summer.

Surviving the odds

And of course, the sunsets will blow you away!

Another glorious desert sunset

We spent nearly a month in the area and while we enjoyed it immensely we were really ready to see our property again!  So on February 5th we loaded up and headed to New Mexico.  We are currently staying in Santa Fe as the snow is just a little high yet at our place, though with the current warm temperatures everything will be turning to mush and mud soon!

The RV park we are staying at is nothing to write home about, but it’s close to Santa Fe, an hour and a half from our property and is convenient if nothing else.  Sometimes this life is not very glamorous but then again it provides a lot more freedom!

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Idaho City, Idaho

Tuesday – July 14, 2015

After a couple of days catching up on chores and rest at home, we ventured out to visit Idaho City.  From our location it was a 75 mile drive (one way).  Idaho City is located on Hwy 21 which runs through the Boise National Forest.  Highway 21 is considered the “Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway”.

Idaho City was founded in December 1862 as “Bannock” (sometimes given as “West Bannock”), amidst the Boise Basingold rush during the Civil War, the largest since the California gold rush a dozen years earlier. Near the confluence of Elk and Mores Creeks, its plentiful water supply allowed it to outgrow the other nearby camps in the basin.  (Source: Wikipedia)

At one time, Idaho City held 20,000 residents and it was said that you were more likely to die by murder than any other cause.  Out of the first 200 burials in the new founded cemetery, only 28 people died of natural causes!  It must have been a very rough and tumble place to live at its peak.

On the drive up Hwy 21 you will come to Lucky Peak Reservoir.  This beautiful lake and state park offers swimming, boating and fishing.  Located only 10 miles from Boise, ID it’s a great place to spend the day.

Lucky Peak Dam
Lucky Peak Dam
Lucky Peak Reservoir
Lucky Peak Reservoir

However, our destination was further up the road so we continued on.  We climbed the rolling hills and before we knew it there were big Ponderosa Pines looming over us, as well as a beautiful creek running along the highway.  We pulled over so I could get a few pictures.

More's Creek
More’s Creek
The Old Toll Road
The Old Toll Road
Beautiful valleys on the way up the mountain
Beautiful valleys on the way up the mountain

About 30 minutes later we arrived in Idaho City and we were starving!  So our first order of business was to get lunch.  We stopped at Trudy’s Kitchen and had one of the best burgers we’ve had in a long time!  It’s a quaint little place and had tons of antiques from the local area.  Definitely a recommended stop!

Trudy’s Kitchen
Bacon cheeseburger.  To Die For!
Bacon cheeseburger. To Die For!

After lunch we decided some walking would do us good so we parked the truck and headed into the “living ghost town”.  It’s called such because as there are still 485 residents in the town living side by side by the old buildings (and some still being used).  20,000 residents at it’s peak and now only 485.  It’s lowest population at one time was 120 people.  Idaho City’s main source of income is hunting & fishing tourism.

Some of the buildings and sites we saw on our walk:


The Sluice Box
Antique City
Antique City
Diamon Lil's
Diamon Lil’s
The Hide Out - one of many bars in the area
The Hide Out – one of many bars in the area


Beautiful view
Beautiful view
Garden in the midst of the town
Garden in the midst of the town
more flowers
more flowers
Boise Basin Museum
Boise Basin Museum

After walking around for awhile we decided to try to find the place that I used to camp as a kid.  Located on Grimes Creek (just a little ways from Idaho City) in the Boise National Forest.  The last time I was there I think I was 13 or 14 so over 30 years ago (eek, telling my age!).  We had no idea if we would find it but we took the chance.  It’s about 15 miles off Hwy 21 on Grimes Creek Road.  The road starts off paved but after about 8 miles it turns to gravel.

Grimes Creek - lots of memories from here!
Grimes Creek – lots of memories from here!

As we headed along the road we saw lots of campsites.  Mark kept asking me if “this was it”.  I said “no, we went over a bridge and it was on the left.  So we kept driving.  At one point we thought we saw it but the bridge was blocked off and said “private property”.  We drove a little further before realizing that the blocked off bridge must have been it.  So we turned around and drove back.  Before we made it back we stopped at a campsite right on the creek and got out.  I just HAD to dip my toes in the water!  🙂

Toes in very cold water!
Toes in very cold water!

The water was very cold but SO refreshing!

So pretty!
So pretty!
Whatcha looking at?
Whatcha looking at?
Just stunning
Just stunning

After drying off we headed down the road and there it was!  The bridge marked “private property” with a gate across.  We got out and I looked around the gate and sure enough, it was the campsite we had used when I was growing up.  Located right on the creek.  So many wonderful memories!  In a way I’m glad it’s privately owned and won’t be destroyed now.  I hope they keep it just the way it is!

The old campsite... :)
The old campsite… 🙂

We headed home after that which was an hour and a half drive.  We did manage to get more pictures and I will put them in a gallery in the bottom of this post.  Feel free to browse!  It was so much fun there and very entertaining.  And I’m glad I got to relive some old memories.

We leave here on Sunday, July 19th and head to Oregon.  Our plans are to spend the next 6 weeks or so there.  At this time we are headed to the Crater Lake area.  We will post from there next!

Oh and before I forget – check out this awesome shirt I found at TARGET (it was in the men’s section)!!  I got the last one here locally so not sure they are anywhere else but I just HAD to have it!

Wanderlust!  Yeah, baby!
Wanderlust! Yeah, baby!