Our Rig

May 2017 ~ 1979 Avion 29J (current)

Our newest rig and our most current.  We spent a whole summer in Pagosa Springs, CO renovating this beauty.  We are currently full time living in it and are on the road!  Check out our posts on the renovations we did and what it looked like before!

1979 Avion 29J. What a fun restoration this was!

June 2016 ~ 1980’s model Lance Truck Camper

This was a temporary solution after selling our Aspen Trail.  It was very small and we realized it didn’t meet our needs very quickly.  We fixed it up and found it a new home but did have some fun adventures in it!

Lance truck camper – way too small for us!

June 2015 ~ 2015 Aspen Trail 2780 RLS

Our new home on wheels!  We traded in our Georgie Boy (see below) for this awesome 2015 Aspen Trail 2780 RLS!  It will be fully equipped with 400 watts of solar, 400 AH AGM batteries & a composting toilet to make it boondock ready!

Our new home! 2015 Aspen Trail 2780 RLS by Dutchmen
Our new home! 2015 Aspen Trail 2780 RLS by Dutchmen

If you have any doubts about using a composting toilet then I suggest you watch this awesome video from Gone With The Wynns!

Our first rig!! 1998 Georgie Boy Pursuit Class A motor home.  We pretty much gutted and remodeled everything inside.   **Update** June, 2015 – traded in for a 2015 Aspen Trail 2780 RLS!  See above!

Our rig - 1998 Georgie Boy Pursuit!
Our rig – 1998 Georgie Boy Pursuit!

If you do any shopping this holiday season via Amazon, please take a moment and click on our affiliate link.  It doesn’t cost you a penny more and it gives us a little travel money!


12 thoughts on “Our Rig”

  1. We’ve been full timing for three years and love this lifestyle. We don’t boondock but are looking forward to seeing how you roll! Good luck with your new soap adventure! I’ve been trying for three years to think of some crafts I might be able to sell while traveling full time in our motorhome, but haven’t made enough to call it a second career just yet.

  2. Fun to find you! My rig is similar- a 97 Bounder. Do I see one in the background?
    I bought mine as a portable home more then a heavy traveling machine. I have traded parking for helping on 3 different organic farms in the last three years since I sold my sticks and bricks. I’m currently near Madison Wisconsin.
    I am fully equipped for boon docking: solar, wood fireplace, tons of winter insulation, interior water storage, water purification, and , if I may so, a very ingeniously self designed air drying toilet !
    Keep me updated. Dave

    1. Sounds wonderful!! No, there is no Bounder where we are. Just a small travel trailer (single guy) and a 5th wheel (married couple about our ages). We have an awesome little community right on the river. 🙂

      Do you have a blog that I can check out? I would love to see photos of your rig! Keep us posted!!

      Shelly & Mark

  3. Let me ask you – where you bought your camper from – did they already have the solar and composting toilet installed or did you have them add that on for you? I’m wondering we bought our travel trailer last year from Camping World but I don’t think they would offer those upgrades?

    1. We added the solar and composting toilet ourselves. I doubt many RV dealers would offer it and I wouldn’t trust any of them to add solar properly. There are lots of blogs out there that show solar installs as well as the composting toilet. Gone With The Wynns have lots of great videos on them as well as other bloggers. Good luck!

  4. oh ok. Yeah that’s why I was asking I thought that was pretty unique if an rv dealer was offering that. But I do agree I wouldn’t trust them to get it right. Thanks for the reply – some day we’ll get solar installed on our camper – can’t wait.

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