Tiny House and Land For Sale

The tiny house cabin

Due to serious health issues we have decided to put our tiny house cabin and land up for sale. ūüėě

Mountain Cabin with great views and abundant wildlife to call your neighbors.


600 watt solar system that includes solar panels with a battery set up with 600 Amp hours, Go Power 1500 watt inverter with and a 12 volt electrical system with LED lights etc.

Cabin has a 200 watt wind generator to provide additional on site power.

The interior bath features a Natures Head composting toilet and a separate indoor shower. There is a refillable water storage tank with pump.

Tankless hot water heater runs on propane.

Propane wall mount heater. Kitchen has a refrigerator (runs on solar) and cooking stove and kitchen sink with counter tops.

Cabin has a covered front porch and a 10′ X 20′ rear deck with fire pit and Sail Shade provides shade .

Property has a separate level gravel RV pad and terrific view and a timber covered hills. The Rio Chama Valley offer the best in all kinds of outdoor recreational activities for all 4 seasons of the year. El Vado Lake is just a short drive to great boating and fishing. If you are looking for a “Tiny House” this one is ready to go.

Click on this link to see the MLS listing on Zillow:


See below for additional photos. Click the images to view full size!

Christmas in Quartzsite

Christmas & New Year’s Eve

Back to Quartzsite we go!  Our plan was to have a nice quiet Christmas and NYE with minimal fuss and we certainly achieved that.  This time we we stayed on the north side of town at Plamosa Road BLM area.  This area is nice and quiet and a lot further out in the desert than Dome Rock.  Our closest neighbors were half a mile away and there was a real sense of peace and tranquility.

All set up at Plamosa Rd BLM!
All set up at Plamosa Rd BLM!

Our two weeks at Plamosa was pretty nice.  Most days were sunny which afforded us long walks with great desert views!  And what clouds we had really helped give us spectacular sunsets!

A riot of color!
A riot of color!

Christmas day found us in the kitchen!  Mark made fabulous lox and bagels to start our day along with yummy mimosas!

Then for dinner we had the most yummy – PRIME RIB (if you don’t like red meat, look away now lol)! ¬†Our prime rib was made Paula Deen style (recipe here), with smoky green beans & bacon and herb roasted red potatoes. ¬†TASTY in the extreme! ¬†Dessert was Rum Chata over ice!

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve found us walking a lot (had to burn off that dinner!) and just taking short drives around Quartzsite. ¬†People were starting to roll in and the place was really filling up all around town!

For New Year’s Eve we again planned a quiet day/night. ¬†While in California we had gone to Costco and found a huge magnum of Prosecco! ¬†My favorite!

We enjoyed a wonderful day of reflection and all that we had done, seen and achieved in 2015.  We know that 2016 brings a lot of fun things for us and perhaps some changes as well.

We will be working on our new property this summer and well as taking a trip out to South Carolina in August when our daughter graduates from college! ¬†This is such a huge achievement in her life and we are so proud of her and all she has accomplished. ¬†ūüôā

We also hope you and your family have a wonderful, safe and healthy New Year!  May 2016 bring you everything you could ever desire or deserve.

Happy New Year!!
Happy New Year!!

Ok, now where was I?

Oh yes… on to Quartzsite!

The holidays kind of got me sidetracked. ¬†We left New Mexico on November 2nd with the intention of stopping in Quartzsite and taking it all in before heading to California for the holidays. ¬†Since we had never been to “The Q” before I checked out Wheeling It’s blog to see where they recommended. ¬†There are many BLM areas in Quartzsite that are free 14 day stays as well as an LTVA area (Long Term Visitor Area) where you can pay to stay ($180 from Sept 15-Apr 15). ¬†That area includes a dump station and water. ¬†The basic BLM areas provide no services at all.

Ahhh... all set up!  Time to relax.  Our spot at Dome Rock BLM
Ahhh… all set up! Time to relax. Our spot at Dome Rock BLM

We took Nina’s recommendation and stayed at the Dome Rock BLM area. ¬†It’s a pretty basic desert BLM area with a lot of large flat surfaces to camp on. ¬†It’s on Dome Rock Rd that gets a lot of traffic and Interstate 10 isn’t too far off so there is a bit of road noise but it has easy on/off highway access and for a 2 week stop it worked out perfectly.

The town of Quartzsite is quirky, to say the least. ¬†It is basically one big rummage sale with a few good deals thrown in. ¬†Since we arrived the first week of November there wasn’t a lot going on really but that was alright with us. ¬†We spent a lot of time enjoying the abundant sunshine, had tacos at Taco Mio (awesome tacos!) and managed to get our pizza fix on at Silly Al’s.

We made a couple of day trips as well. ¬†Lake Havasu City is a MUST SEE as well as the London Bridge! ¬†If you’re ever in the area you must get there to see this beautiful place. ¬†The river is glorious, the town is pretty cool and the drive is breath taking!

One really great thing about this life is you get to meet some amazing people! ¬†Laurie & Scott of LaurieandScott.com contacted us to let us know they were heading to Quartzsite and would love to get together. ¬†Awesome! ¬†So we met up with these two wild and crazy kids at Beer Belly’s Adult Day Care. ¬†Beer Belly’s is an open air bar in the middle of everything! ¬†At the time we were there they were not serving food but apparently when they do they have great burgers.

As things worked out, we had a great time with Laurie & Scott! ¬†They even camped with us one night and we had so much fun chatting with them. ¬†They are such great people! (Instagram @laurieandscott). ¬†They are really into health and fitness and offered a bunch of great ways to stay healthy on the road! ¬†If you’re struggling with diet and fitness or just need some encouragement, by all means, contact these wonderful people! ¬†They are fabulous coaches and will help you reach your goals while still enjoying life! ¬†Everything in moderation, people. ūüôā

With Laurie & Scott at Beer Belly's!
With Laurie & Scott at Beer Belly’s!

We also managed to meet Wheeling It (Paul, Nina, Polly & the cat crew) in person! ¬†I’ve been following their blog for years and they are truly the sweetest people. ¬†Extremely helpful and Nina knows her stuff when it comes to finding the best boondocking sites! ¬†It was a brief meet and greet with promises to get together in Desert Hot Springs for happy hour. ¬†Our kind of people! ūüôā

After spending two weeks enjoying the free camping it was off to California Рand the HOT SPRINGS!!  A month of visiting family for Thanksgiving & Hanukkah and soaking in hot pools of glorious spring water.  Ahhhhh!!!

Goodnight, Quartzsite!  See you in a month!
Goodnight, Quartzsite! See you in a month!

Headed south

Happy Halloween from northern New Mexico! ūüôā

Well, we had grand plans of staying on our property through the winter in northern New Mexico.  We even went so far as to have a back hoe come in and build an RV pad.  But plans change and we decided to head to Arizona for the winter.

RV pad going in!
RV pad going in!

Why, may you ask? ¬†To start off, we are still in the month of October and we have already had snow and freezing temps. ¬†While our RV is well insulated it isn’t designed for that kind of weather and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. ¬†We came to the conclusion that we had better be safe than sorry.

Snow at the RV park on October 20, 2015!!
Snow at the RV park on October 20, 2015!!

We have decided to head down to the LTVA area in Quartzsite and will stay there until it thaws out again out our place and possibly explore some other areas as well.  Next year once the cabin is done and we have a wood stove then we can stay through the winter if we want.  But, the really fortunate part of being a full time RVer is that we can go where the weather is mild and not worry about things like frozen water lines.

Chama, NM on October 22, 2015.  Gonna be a hard winter!
Chama, NM on October 22, 2015. Gonna be a hard winter!

The weather people are predicting a really hard winter here this year and frankly we are just not equipped to deal with it. ¬†So we are erring on the side of caution and keeping ourselves safe. ūüôā ¬†We will really miss our property and our little community we have met here but there is always next year!

RV pad on property looking west
RV pad on property looking west

So our next post will come to you from the warmth of Arizona! ¬†We will enjoy warm days and cool nights and hopefully meet up with a bunch of other full time RVer’s and have a great winter. ¬†All in all a smart decision. ¬†Until next year, New Mexico! ¬†We will miss these glorious sunsets at our place but I’m sure we will see many more that are just as wonderful in Arizona!

Riding into the sunset only to return next spring!
Riding into the sunset only to return next spring!

Boondocking by Indian Creek Reservoir 

After leaving Scott Lake dispersed camping area, we made our way over to Indian Creek Reservoir. ¬†Now, while there is a campground there ($20/night for RV… no thanks). ¬†We were after FREE camping. ¬†ūüôā

To get here, you will take Airport Rd off of HWY 89 that goes to Markleeville, CA. ¬†Head toward Indian Creek Reservoir. ¬†Right before you get to the “airport” (really just a landing strip – there are no outbuildings, etc), on the right there is a small little turn off with a little area that’s cleared off. ¬†Keep an eye out, it’s easy to miss!

The sign on the road - don't overstay your welcome! 14 day limit!
The sign on the road – don’t overstay your welcome! 14 day limit!

There is a small road that continues up the mountain that you could easily tent camp at but unless you have a little tiny RV there isn’t room for a rig there. ¬†Great views tho!

Can you see her?
Can you see her?

There were a ton of deer in this area and we were graced with them nearly every day.  Lots of does with older fawns but we did see a few bucks as well.

Our view
Our view
Another view
Another view

We spent our limit of 14 days here.  There was water to be had for free in the day use area of Indian Creek Reservoir and there is a dump station there as well ($10).  With our composting toilet and only grey water tanks we were able to stay the whole time with no trouble at all.

Ahhhh.... peaceful
Ahhhh…. peaceful
Great place to relax
Great place to relax

We had great parking for our solar and still plenty of shade in the afternoon. ¬†The temps ranged about 80-85 during the day and high 40’s to low 50’s at night. ¬†Perfect!

So nice!
So nice!

We were all by ourselves the entire time we stayed here. ¬†We did have some people stop by who were curious, obviously, but mostly we had the place to ourselves. ¬†There is a bit of road noise from the small amount of traffic that goes to the reservoir but all in all it was a very peaceful place! ¬†We would certainly return. ¬†And it’s FREE. ¬†Did I mention that?? ūüôā

Nestled among the trees
Nestled among the trees

This spot is located about 5 miles from Markleeville, CA (no cell service there but wifi to be had) and about 30 minutes from Carson City, NV and Lake Tahoe, CA.

We DID manage to get 1-2 bars Verizon 4g with our Wilson 4g booster.  I think if we could have raised the antenna higher we would have had even better signal.  No AT&T service though if we went to the top of the hill we could get one bar 4g.

All in all a really nice boondock!  Where are we headed next?  Well, our general plan is to make it down to New Mexico as we are going to the Balloon Fiesta!  But as we have a few weeks until then we are going to meander our way down 395.  Possibly go to Mono Lake!  But as our plans are set in jello only time will tell.

Crater Lake 

We took a quick drive up to Crater Lake while out scouting for boondocking locations in the Chiloquin, OR area. 

It was pretty crowded as the day was absolutely perfect but we were blown away with the beauty of this place. 

We took a few photos and then headed back into the Winema-Fremont National Forest to do our scouting. 


We found a great location to boondocking at a remote FREE location. We will not have cell reception and we plan on being there at least a week so we will post again when we get back to civilization! ūüėä 

Composting toilet and solar install

When last we left off, we had just purchased our new home and had plans to install solar and a composting toilet to get us set up for being completely off grid (boondocking) before our departure date of June 29th (now June 30th).  Well, we are very happy to say we accomplished both these goals!  Our wonderful friends (who will be going full time themselves next month in a vintage Avion!!) came over and helped Mark get it done in ONE DAY!  Yep, solar AND composting toilet complete.  There were a few things that had to be tidied up in the days following that Mark took care of, but the majority of hard work was completed in just a few hours.  And in 100 degree heat, no less.  Needless to say, we bought them a really nice dinner at our favorite place РMay River Grill!

When we installed the composting toilet (Nature’s Head on Amazon) , we had to add a piece of wood to give it a little lift on the floor to get above the hole to the black tank. ¬†No big deal for a master carpenter like our friend Doug! ¬†He had that thing measured and cut out in no time flat!

Doug installing the wood piece to raise the toilet above the black tank hole
Doug installing the wood piece to raise the toilet above the black tank hole

Next the guys had to cut the hole in the floor of the RV to install the venting tube. ¬†They did that with no trouble and it looks great (didn’t get a photo of that.. boo)! ¬†I will need to stain the wood piece the toilet is on but that is the last of my worries for the moment! ūüôā ¬†Here is the toilet installed:

Composting toilet installed - success!
Composting toilet installed – success!

As of this writing, we are pleased to say that the toilet works like a dream! ¬†NO SMELL and it’s very low maintenance! ¬†If you are curious about what a composting does and how it works, be sure to check out Gone With The Wynn’s video on it. ¬†They do a great job of explaining it!

Also, we will be taking their advice and will be combining our grey and black tanks to extend our boondocking adventures!  This great video of theirs explains how they do it in a very simple and easy manner!  Check it out:

Our solar install was pretty simple as we had previously installed solar on our Georgie Boy.  We removed the solar and batteries when we traded it in and just moved it to our new rig.  We have 4 Р100 watt Рsolar panels (Renogy Solar on Amazon) with 400 AH of AGM batteries.

Our batteries we installed in our storage bin pass through. ¬†Mark used some 2×4’s as brackets to hold them in place. ¬†The GoPower! 1500 watt Pure Sine Wave inverter (Go Power on Amazon) was installed close by with the battery monitor being installed in the closet of our bedroom. ¬†All neat and concealed!

400 AH of AGM battery goodness!
400 AH of AGM battery goodness!
Battery monitor
1500 watt pure sine wave inverter and charge controller

The solar panels were mounted on the roof (picture coming soon) with plenty of room to add more if needed! ¬†We are using the Renogy tilt brackets and they are nice and sturdy for securing them to the roof. ¬†Dicor sealant makes sure they won’t go anywhere.

When we purchased our new rig we had a list about a mile long of everything that we wanted to get done before we departed for our trip.  I am so glad to say that list is nearly complete!  Just a few more things.  It does look like our trip might be delayed by one day but that is no big deal in the grand scheme of things.  Sometimes plans are set in jello and you just got to go with the flow!

So where are we headed, you ask? ¬†We are off to IDAHO! ¬†Why Idaho? ¬†Well, my (Shelly)’s mom lives there and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen her. ¬†Then it’s off to Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho and Montana (possibly – again, jello plans) until it’s time to head to New Mexico for the Balloon Fiesta in October!

Idaho or Bust!
Idaho or Bust!

We will be pulling out of here on June 30th and making our way via South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and then finally… Idaho! ¬†Whew! ¬†2500 miles. ¬†We plan to take about 7 days (or more) to do the trip. ¬†Hopefully all goes well! ¬†I will be posting along as we go so it could get interesting. ūüôā Stay tuned and thanks for dropping by!

Shelly & Mark ~ Boondock or Bust!