Tiny House and Land For Sale

The tiny house cabin

Due to serious health issues we have decided to put our tiny house cabin and land up for sale. ūüėě

Mountain Cabin with great views and abundant wildlife to call your neighbors.


600 watt solar system that includes solar panels with a battery set up with 600 Amp hours, Go Power 1500 watt inverter with and a 12 volt electrical system with LED lights etc.

Cabin has a 200 watt wind generator to provide additional on site power.

The interior bath features a Natures Head composting toilet and a separate indoor shower. There is a refillable water storage tank with pump.

Tankless hot water heater runs on propane.

Propane wall mount heater. Kitchen has a refrigerator (runs on solar) and cooking stove and kitchen sink with counter tops.

Cabin has a covered front porch and a 10′ X 20′ rear deck with fire pit and Sail Shade provides shade .

Property has a separate level gravel RV pad and terrific view and a timber covered hills. The Rio Chama Valley offer the best in all kinds of outdoor recreational activities for all 4 seasons of the year. El Vado Lake is just a short drive to great boating and fishing. If you are looking for a “Tiny House” this one is ready to go.

Click on this link to see the MLS listing on Zillow:


See below for additional photos. Click the images to view full size!

Our Quick Truck Camper Makeover

When we bought our truck camper at the beginning of July we knew we only had a couple of weeks to get it squared away for our trip to South Carolina at the end of the month.  We were on a time crunch to say the least!

The first thing we did upon bringing it home was to check all systems out.  Everything works (that we can tell at the moment) and it was good to go.  We could have taken it the way it was but honestly it smelled like it had been closed up for a long time and it really needed some deep cleaning.  Next thing I know I am going on a painting frenzy!

The interior was outdated and blah.  We thought white cabinets would brighten every thing up!  It sure did.

I will be adding a tile backsplash but for now some leftover yellow paint from the cabin works just fine.

I had the teal left over from our cabin door.  I really like how that pop of color looks!

Didn’t do a drastic change in the dinette. ¬†The cushions and fabric were still in good order but we added new curtains and of course painted all the cabinetry white. ¬†The walls we went with a real light tan.

The bathroom before had that hideous wallpaper. ¬†I stripped it all off and then painted with an exterior semi gloss paint. ¬†I know it won’t hold up forever to the water. ¬†When we get back we will be tiling the walls of the bathroom and replacing the flush toilet with our compost toilet.

Bedroom before

The bed area before had a cabinet above where our heads were.  The space is tight enough without that cabinet so we removed it.  Painted the walls a lighter version of the bathroom by adding some white to it.

Whew!  It was a lot of work and we accomplished it all in just two weeks.  We also redid the floors!  We had some leftover flooring from the cabin.  We think it turned out great.

Floors before and after!

We have made our way out to South Carolina – an 1800 mile trip! ¬†It’s been a lot easier than pulling the trailer (even we did tow our 4 Runner) and so far everything’s been great!

Before leaving for South Carolina we went to Ojo Caliente Mineral Hot springs.  I will be doing a post on that amazing place soon!

Our New Rig

Well, new to us that is. ūüôā We have downsized to a 1986 Lance 900 series truck camper!

The camper is in great shape and all systems work! The only thing it doesn’t have is AC but it is wired to have an AC unit in it. At some point we will add one in.

Our 1986 Lance 900 series and 2006 GMC 2500 HD

Looking good on the GMC!

Inside is a bit dated of course. What can you expect from the 80’s? So, our mission is to totally update it and make it a bit more modern! And as we are leaving for South Carolina on July 25th we better get cracking!

What will we do for AC in the south? Well, we are just going to throw a window unit in it as a temp solution. Yeah, it will be a bit redneck-ish but better that than melting in the heat!

LOVE the counter space in the kitchen!
The fridge works great!
Large booth seating with a nice window for views
Queen size bed with lots of storage space
Full bathroom but will be using our composting toilet instead

In the next couple of weeks we will be adding solar, repainting everything and generally just giving it a really good cleaning. There are some minor repairs to make but nothing that is too difficult.

We will get as much done as we can before leaving for SC and our daughters college graduation and will finish up all the renovations when we return in August!

Our plan is to leave our little off grid cabin before the snow flies (generally October) and then hit the road for the winter!

Stay tuned for our maiden voyage. Hopefully it all goes as planned but you never know with us. ūüėú

Ok, now where was I?

Oh yes… on to Quartzsite!

The holidays kind of got me sidetracked. ¬†We left New Mexico on November 2nd with the intention of stopping in Quartzsite and taking it all in before heading to California for the holidays. ¬†Since we had never been to “The Q” before I checked out Wheeling It’s blog to see where they recommended. ¬†There are many BLM areas in Quartzsite that are free 14 day stays as well as an LTVA area (Long Term Visitor Area) where you can pay to stay ($180 from Sept 15-Apr 15). ¬†That area includes a dump station and water. ¬†The basic BLM areas provide no services at all.

Ahhh... all set up!  Time to relax.  Our spot at Dome Rock BLM
Ahhh… all set up! Time to relax. Our spot at Dome Rock BLM

We took Nina’s recommendation and stayed at the Dome Rock BLM area. ¬†It’s a pretty basic desert BLM area with a lot of large flat surfaces to camp on. ¬†It’s on Dome Rock Rd that gets a lot of traffic and Interstate 10 isn’t too far off so there is a bit of road noise but it has easy on/off highway access and for a 2 week stop it worked out perfectly.

The town of Quartzsite is quirky, to say the least. ¬†It is basically one big rummage sale with a few good deals thrown in. ¬†Since we arrived the first week of November there wasn’t a lot going on really but that was alright with us. ¬†We spent a lot of time enjoying the abundant sunshine, had tacos at Taco Mio (awesome tacos!) and managed to get our pizza fix on at Silly Al’s.

We made a couple of day trips as well. ¬†Lake Havasu City is a MUST SEE as well as the London Bridge! ¬†If you’re ever in the area you must get there to see this beautiful place. ¬†The river is glorious, the town is pretty cool and the drive is breath taking!

One really great thing about this life is you get to meet some amazing people! ¬†Laurie & Scott of LaurieandScott.com contacted us to let us know they were heading to Quartzsite and would love to get together. ¬†Awesome! ¬†So we met up with these two wild and crazy kids at Beer Belly’s Adult Day Care. ¬†Beer Belly’s is an open air bar in the middle of everything! ¬†At the time we were there they were not serving food but apparently when they do they have great burgers.

As things worked out, we had a great time with Laurie & Scott! ¬†They even camped with us one night and we had so much fun chatting with them. ¬†They are such great people! (Instagram @laurieandscott). ¬†They are really into health and fitness and offered a bunch of great ways to stay healthy on the road! ¬†If you’re struggling with diet and fitness or just need some encouragement, by all means, contact these wonderful people! ¬†They are fabulous coaches and will help you reach your goals while still enjoying life! ¬†Everything in moderation, people. ūüôā

With Laurie & Scott at Beer Belly's!
With Laurie & Scott at Beer Belly’s!

We also managed to meet Wheeling It (Paul, Nina, Polly & the cat crew) in person! ¬†I’ve been following their blog for years and they are truly the sweetest people. ¬†Extremely helpful and Nina knows her stuff when it comes to finding the best boondocking sites! ¬†It was a brief meet and greet with promises to get together in Desert Hot Springs for happy hour. ¬†Our kind of people! ūüôā

After spending two weeks enjoying the free camping it was off to California Рand the HOT SPRINGS!!  A month of visiting family for Thanksgiving & Hanukkah and soaking in hot pools of glorious spring water.  Ahhhhh!!!

Goodnight, Quartzsite!  See you in a month!
Goodnight, Quartzsite! See you in a month!

On to Quartzsite!

We left northern New Mexico on November 2nd with the idea of high tailing it down to Quartzsite.  The snow was coming in and if we had stayed we would have been stuck!

Our original route would have taken us across northern New Mexico through Farmington, then down through Shiprock to Flagstaff and head south from there. ¬†Something told us that perhaps we should take the long way. ¬†Head south through Albuquerque all the way down and then across southern Arizona to Quartzsite. ¬†It turns out we made the right choice! ¬†The night we left it snowed almost 8″ in Flagstaff and as that would have been our first overnight stay we might have regretted it!

Instead we took I-25 south to Elephant Butte Lake and decided to stop there for the night.  New Mexico has some of the best state parks out there and this one was no exception.   $14/night for power and water with a nice patio shelter and view of the lake.

Our spot at Elephant Butte Lake ~ Monticello South.
Our spot at Elephant Butte Lake ~ Monticello South.

Really nice area, beautiful views and gorgeous sunsets!  What more can you ask for?

Our view of Elephant Butte Lake
Our view of Elephant Butte Lake
Gorgeous desert sunset
Gorgeous desert sunset

We were going to head out the next day on to Arizona but after checking the weather report we were expecting 25-35 mph winds and decided to stay put. ¬†We don’t like driving in high winds and as we were not in a hurry we hung around another day!

The storm rolling in...
The storm rolling in…

The winds got so bad that we had to bring our slide in. ¬†We were rocking back and forth and had some torrential rain at one point. ¬†We were safe and dry inside even if we were cramped up a bit! ūüôā

Hanging out inside with the slide in.  Close quarters!
Hanging out inside with the slide in. Close quarters!

After the storm passed it was still pretty windy but we caught this gorgeous rainbow from the aftermath!  So pretty.

Rainbow after the storm
Rainbow after the storm

While this was a short stop on the way to Arizona, we would love to come back to this park at some point.  We highly recommend it!

The next morning we got on the road. ¬†We didn’t have an overnight stop planned so we decided to drive until we got tired. ¬†We like to drive 300 miles or less per day so we kind of had an idea we would be stopping outside of Tucson. ¬†As we got closer I found a state park just outside of Tucson called Picacho Peak. ¬†It seemed like a good place to stop.

Made it to Arizona!
Made it to Arizona!

While the views were lovely, it was very close to the interstate with lots of highway noise and a train that ran right by the park. ¬†At $25/per night for electric only it wasn’t a very good deal, IMO. ¬†But, it was safe and the views of the peak were very pretty.

Picacho Peak

The next morning we headed on to Quartzsite!  It was just a short 3 hour drive.  But then we had to make a decision on where to boondock.  After checking out a bunch of blog recommendations we decided to go with Dome Rock BLM.  The Wheeling It crew highly recommended it and it was a great place to boondock for our first time in Quartzsite!

Ahhh... all set up!  Time to relax.
Ahhh… all set up! Time to relax.

In our next post I will give more details on Quartzsite and our experience there.

Headed south

Happy Halloween from northern New Mexico! ūüôā

Well, we had grand plans of staying on our property through the winter in northern New Mexico.  We even went so far as to have a back hoe come in and build an RV pad.  But plans change and we decided to head to Arizona for the winter.

RV pad going in!
RV pad going in!

Why, may you ask? ¬†To start off, we are still in the month of October and we have already had snow and freezing temps. ¬†While our RV is well insulated it isn’t designed for that kind of weather and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. ¬†We came to the conclusion that we had better be safe than sorry.

Snow at the RV park on October 20, 2015!!
Snow at the RV park on October 20, 2015!!

We have decided to head down to the LTVA area in Quartzsite and will stay there until it thaws out again out our place and possibly explore some other areas as well.  Next year once the cabin is done and we have a wood stove then we can stay through the winter if we want.  But, the really fortunate part of being a full time RVer is that we can go where the weather is mild and not worry about things like frozen water lines.

Chama, NM on October 22, 2015.  Gonna be a hard winter!
Chama, NM on October 22, 2015. Gonna be a hard winter!

The weather people are predicting a really hard winter here this year and frankly we are just not equipped to deal with it. ¬†So we are erring on the side of caution and keeping ourselves safe. ūüôā ¬†We will really miss our property and our little community we have met here but there is always next year!

RV pad on property looking west
RV pad on property looking west

So our next post will come to you from the warmth of Arizona! ¬†We will enjoy warm days and cool nights and hopefully meet up with a bunch of other full time RVer’s and have a great winter. ¬†All in all a smart decision. ¬†Until next year, New Mexico! ¬†We will miss these glorious sunsets at our place but I’m sure we will see many more that are just as wonderful in Arizona!

Riding into the sunset only to return next spring!
Riding into the sunset only to return next spring!

Catching up

It’s been a crazy 6 weeks! ¬†We left Mammoth Lakes, CA and headed to Albuquerque, NM. ¬†The intention was to catch up with some errands, do some shopping, meet up with Mark’s friend and then hit the Balloon Fiesta.

That’s when it all went south.

On our drive into Albuquerque, the transmission on the truck went out.  As we were towing the trailer up some steep grades into the city.

Fortunately we were able to limp our way into town and get set up in an RV park before the truck gave up the ghost. We were just thankful we didn’t get stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

City of Albuquerque
City of Albuquerque

We started to notice the tranny was shifting really hard going up the last few grades. ¬†With Mark being a mechanic I could tell by the “oh shit” look on his face that it wasn’t good.

Now granted, the truck has 97,000 miles on it. The people who owned it before us also towed a travel trailer. ¬†So it’s not really surprising the tranny decided to put up a protest. ¬†I mean, it’s worked pretty hard all its life!

Fortunately we were able to find a fantastic tranny shop in ABQ. If you are ever there and are in need of even a tranny service, Mikes Transmission is the place to go. The owner (Mike) is a good and HONEST mechanic. He is busy tho. It took 3 days before we could drop off the truck and then it was another 5 days before we got the truck back. Granted, that was over the weekend and he to order the transmission. So really it wasn’t too long. ¬†But being without our truck wasn’t fun.

Mike of Mike's Transmission
Mike of Mike’s Transmission

We ended up going with a new tranny (not rebuilt) with a 3 year/100,000 mile warranty through GM. Considering we hope to have this truck for at least that long we figured it was the way to go.

So where are we now? Weren’t we supposed to be in ABQ for the Balloon Fiesta? ¬†Where are all the balloon pics? ¬†Well that WAS the plan. But we decided we needed a break from ABQ. The RV park we stayed at really sucked. It was right on the freeway and it was loud and noisy. ¬†And with my anxiety issues I was just DONE with city life. ¬†So we headed up to Chama, NM for a week or so. Talk about peace and quiet!

The Chama River, Chama, NM
The Chama River, Chama, NM

Our plans were to go back to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta but then something happened in Chama.  We fell in love!!  With the town, with the scenery and with the people.  We just felt at home!  So, we looked around for a piece of land to call our own and within 5 days we were property owners!  We bought 5.5 acres with a little (unfinished) cabin.  With all that going on we never did make it back to ABQ but the good thing is the Balloon Fiesta will be there next year.

Here is a preview of our little tiny cabin and land:

Little cabin in New Mexico
Little cabin in New Mexico
Our 5.5 acres of rolling hills
Our 5.5 acres of rolling hills
Cheers!! This is our glorious view!
Cheers!! This is our glorious view!

So what’s the plan, you may ask? ¬†Well, we’ve got a lot on our plate as you can imagine. ¬†Our goal is to eventually off grid homestead this little piece of dirt. ¬†Before winter sets in (it snows here!!) we’ve got to get the RV pad done on the property. ¬†We’ve been delayed because of weather and our trip to Texas for the State Fair (post on that soon!) but we are hoping to have it finished in the next couple of weeks. ¬†We are currently staying in town at the only RV Park that stays open through the winter. ¬†I hope we haven’t bitten off more than we can chew by staying around. ¬†It’s already snowed here (today, in fact) and it’s only October 21! ¬†Thankfully it didn’t stay around long.

So does that mean we are finished being full time RVer’s? ¬†Nope, not at all! ¬†It just means we have a game plan for our future! ¬†We will be taking trips over the winter while we are working on the cabin and land (hopefully, if we don’t get snowed in here!!) and we have plans to visit Mark’s family in southern California for Thanksgiving. ¬†But for now it’s time to work on projects, get some work done on my businesses and just be homebodies! ¬†ūüôā

We hope you will stick with us and follow our adventures!