Hello and Goodbye

Seven plus years ago a dream started to form. It began with my browsing the internet and I came across a term called “boondocking”. After much research, we decided when our daughter went to college that fall that we would sell everything, buy an RV, live and work in the same area for a couple of years to save money and then hit the road and work along the way! How grand it all seemed at the time.

Well, we did manage to sell everything and buy an RV to live in but that’s when the dream came to a screeching halt. Not long after moving into our original RV, Mark got severely injured on the job and required back surgery and lots of therapy. Our travel dreams were on hold and our whole plan had to change due to a workers comp case. But that’s life and we rolled with it.

Our first RV

We were very thankful we had sold everything because otherwise we would have lost our home. My salary as a pharmacy tech would not have sustained us. But, since we were living more frugally in an RV we managed just fine!

The workers comp case on the other hand was taking longer than we anticipated. Nearly one and a half years before settlement. No joke. But the big let down was we knew Mark would never work again. Not only did he have a severe back issue, he also developed Lupus during the workers comp case. His attorney advised him to file for Social Security Disability.

We decided to change rigs at this point and moved into a brand new Aspen Trail travel trailer. This was much more comfortable for Mark (he is 6’6″) and off we went to travel a bit while the disability case started.

Three years later (yes, really) Mark’s disability got approved. We had changed rigs a few times (including a truck camper!) finding what worked best for him and we even did a stint in an apartment in Pagosa Springs, CO for 6 months as we love the area so much.

The truck camper – I hated this rig! lol

The apartment in Pagosa

We missed being on the road so we decided to move back into a rig so we bought a vintage Avion to fix up. I had a lot of fun with that rig but alas, it was way too small for Mark.

1979 Avion 28J

Comfort is a big issue for Mark so we bought a 5th wheel! And yes, we wish this is the rig we had started with. We enjoyed it immensely in the year that we had it.

NuWa Hitchhiker II LS – our favorite rig of all!

But, living in an RV just isn’t what it used to be. We took a trip summer of 2018 to WA, OR and ID and frankly we were disgusted with how people who are new to RVing and camping in general are acting.  Destroying our public lands because they are too lazy to clean up after themselves. Pack it in, pack it out folks!

And RV parks have become no better. The cost is starting to sky rocket and parks are overcrowded. So with all that, we have decided that the time is right to move back into a house. We have decided the White Mountains in Arizona is the perfect place for us to settle!  So, we bought a small house (1100 sqf) on 2.5 acres with some gorgeous views.  We feel very blessed. We placed our 5th wheel up for sale and it sold very quickly.  Yes, we will still camp on occasion. But we will buy a weekend rig, not a full timing rig.  While the RVing life has had many enjoyable moments and it really helped us during our time of need, it was no longer fun for us so it was time to say goodbye.

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Until we meet again … happy trails!