New Awning Install

One thing that is imperative to have (IMO) is an awning!  When you live in a box that’s less than 200 square feet, having a livable outdoor area is essential. 

Unfortunately the awning on our Avion was non existent. The old fabric awning must have dry rotted (it was originally canvas) and it had been torn away. Fortunately, the original Zip Dee awning hardware was still intact! 

If you look closely you can see the torn awning hanging from the hardware

We called Zip Dee to get a quote on replacing the awning fabric. I about died when we were quoted $1300. 😳. There was no way we could swing that. So we gave it some thought and figured we could try to modify a new style awning fabric to work. 

I checked on Amazon and found this nice charcoal fade fabric that was 19’3″. Our original awning fabric was 19′ 8″ so we would be a bit short but that was ok. Also, new awnings are actually deeper (from RV to the awning hardware when extended) but we thought that might work in our favor. 

Awning fabric inserted into metal rail

So for $175 for the fabric and $25 in materials we had a new awning. Thank goodness for our friends Doug & Denise! It took all four of us to get it done but we think it turned out great!  We used rivets with washers to hold the fabric in place on the long tube part and then had to tighten the spring tension. That was a lot of fun, not!  The older awning tubes do not have the string slide area that the newer awnings do. 

Getting ready to install fabric
Using rivets to attach to roller bar
Almost done!

Once we got the spring tightened we had to check it to make sure it rolled and it did, but we knew we had to tighten a bit more. Now it rolls like a dream AND we saved a ton of money!!

Done!! Looks great!

Would I have liked to have a vintage looking awning? Of course! But honestly I like having the cash in our pockets better! We have been doing a lot of little things to save money on this restoration and I will be doing a post on that soon. But until then, I think we will go sit under our awning and relax! 

Looks good but installing an awning is a lot of work!

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