A Lot of Changes Coming

This blog has been neglected and I apologize for that. We’ve had a lot of things going on this fall and we’ve come to realize that some much needed changes need to happen in the new year. 

I will be following up on that in a later post after the first of the year. 

But for now, the first change will be that I’m closing my Etsy store. It’s been a good run but it’s time to call it quits. All my jewelry will be 50% off (prices already marked down). If you’ve ever considered getting one of my unique pieces then now is your chance! 

Thank you to all our followers over the years. I hope what’s coming up will keep things interesting. Link to Etsy shop:

Red Cactus Design

2 thoughts on “A Lot of Changes Coming”

  1. I’ve been following your blog and hoping for more posts! We’re doing something similar to what you’ve been doing: We were on the road in our rv for a year and then decided to settle down, at least for the winter, in the Taos area. We’re now renting an off grid house not too far from your place (in Tres Piedras). Ultimately, I’d like to get a piece of property, and park our rv on it while we put together a small homestead. Maybe travel further southwest in the winter then stay here in the warmer weather. First we have to sell our old farmhouse and property in Maine, though….Anyway, I enjoy your blog and would love to meet you someday. Sorry you’re closing your Etsy store. I like your jewelry. I’ve got one, too: Madeseenfound. My blog is http://onbeyondphilosophy.blogspot.com/, I’m Heather .

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