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Sam’s Family Spa ~ Desert Hot Springs, CA

November 17 – December 21, 2015

Ahhhh…. hot springs and relaxation.  What could be better?  Especially over the holidays while having to deal with all the intricacies of family! 🙂

Mark’s family reside in the Los Angeles area of California.  Knowing how difficult the area is, especially the traffic, I was adamant that we would not take our rig in too close to the city.  So we looked around and again I fell back to Wheeling It for a recommendation.  Just two hours drive from Mark’s family, Sam’s Family Spa seemed too good to pass up!

Desert sunsets were just one of the many perks to staying here!
Desert sunsets were just one of the many perks to staying here!

With no reservations required and a decent rate (for California) at $540/mo it seemed perfect.  Not to mention all the amenities that came with it.  How can you pass up glorious pools filled with hot water?  I sure can’t!

Sam’s Family Spa is a combo RV park and mobile home park.  It has tons of RV spaces and even during Thanksgiving it did not get completely full.  The sites are a bit awkward for larger rigs as they are not angled well and you have to back straight in (no pull through sites), but all are 30/50 amps with great views of the mountains above Palm Springs.

The waterfall entrance to the park
The waterfall entrance to the park

So on November 17th we made our way from Quartzsite, AZ to Desert Hot Springs, CA.  A short two hour drive brought us to the land of warm weather, hot springs and expensive everything!  This was a treat for us and of course a chance to see Mark’s mom who is nearly 86 so it was worth it.

Arriving at Sam’s, you don’t go straight to the office.  You go and find a site you like, get set up and then go to the office to register!  All sites are first come, first served which I find really fair and so simple.  I wish all parks were like this.

Our site at Sam's Family Spa. The sites are a bit strange to get into but are so worth it!
Our site at Sam’s Family Spa. The sites are a bit strange to get into but are so worth it!

We chose a site kind of in the middle of the park but close enough to walk to the hot springs!

Hot Springs pools (photo courtesy Sam's Family Spa)
Hot Springs pools (photo courtesy Sam’s Family Spa) How can you resist??

While we didn’t do much exploring as our time was divided between our RV and family in LA for Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, so when we were at the RV we mainly just relaxed in the pools, visited with friends and enjoyed some good food/drink as well as more beautiful sunsets!


We had some great neighbors during our month stay (Wheeling It, Technomadia, RV Geeks to name a few) and had a surprise visit at happy hour from Mali Mish!  If you don’t follow Mali Mish you should – they are on an exciting journey with their kids to Mexico at the moment and it looks fabulous!

Just to give you an idea of the amazing amenities, here are a few more photos of our stay.  We enjoyed our month here immensely and didn’t want to leave but the desert was calling us away and so back to Quartzsite we went.

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