The Texas State Fair!!

Way back in December of 2014 in South Carolina, we were discussing bucket list items with our friends Doug & Denise (who are in the process of going full time RV).  One of the items that was brought up was the Texas State Fair.  Mark had never been and had always wanted to go.  So we all agreed one day we would go together.  Little did we know it would happen this year!

A lot has happened in a short amount of time – Mark’s workers comp case got settled, our friends sold their house in South Carolina, bought their Avion and Denise took a new teaching job in Texas, just an hour and a half from Dallas!  So in June of 2015 we all agreed to meet up in October for the last weekend of the fair.

What we didn’t know at the time is that our truck tranny would go out and we would also buy property in New Mexico!  That made us do some serious thinking of our trip to Texas.  We decided almost at the last minute to leave our RV in New Mexico and to just rent a cabin in Texas.  And yes, we decided to truck camp on the way there and back! 🙂

Our friends had decided to do that and be at the RV park we were supposed to be at.  We were able to call back and get the cabin right next door.  We had a wonderful three nights in a cute little cabin overlooking a little fishing pond as well as a fabulous day trip into Dallas to the fair.

And OMG!  What a fried food fiesta!!  It was an amazing day.  We walked over 8 miles that day as well!  We got to check out the Cotton Bowl, ride the Tram over the fair and eat and drink to our hearts content!

Us with Denise & Doug and of course, BIG TEX!
Us with Denise & Doug and of course, BIG TEX!

One of our favorite things was all the food!  We started off with Corny Dogs from Fletchers and just moved on from there.  The boys got the biggest sausages ever and of course I had to try the Smoky Bacon Margarita.  It was THE BOMB!

Of course, the best thing about the whole trip was seeing our friends.  We had not seen them since we left South Carolina in June.  We are already making plans for them to come visit us in New Mexico this spring. That trip should be epic!  And while this trip was fast (only 5 days total with driving time) it was so good to see them and experience the fair with them!  If you ever get the chance to go to this fair you should – it is a must see!

Here are some more images from the Texas State Fair!  Enjoy!

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