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How NOT to Camp in Bear Country

This is a “how NOT” to camp in bear country. :-/

The other night while laying in bed watching TV, we heard a loud BANG and realized that the hatch of our truck had been opened.  We had the door to our bedroom open and only the screen closed.  The truck was parked right outside the bedroom door.

Mark looks out and yells BEAR!  I jump up to try to see while he frantically closes the door. Thank goodness it wasn’t latched outside lol!!  I run to the kitchen window trying to see out and yell at the bear to GO AWAY.  It sounded as if he was still rustling around outside so I grabbed the paintball gun, stuck it out the kitchen window and shot the truck to scare him away.  What was he going for?  Oh no!! The DOG FOOD we had purchased earlier in the day had been left in the back of the truck.  We forgot, like a dumbass to bring it inside. 😦

Needless to say he left then but who knows if he came back. We sure as hell did NOT go outside to check!! 😳😊. Don’t be a dumbass like us, people!! Be BEAR AWARE!! So back to the store for more dog food and paper towels. They were bear slimed.  Why he felt the need to grab the paper towels I will never know.



1 thought on “How NOT to Camp in Bear Country”

  1. Glad the bear decided not to look for more food in your camper! I was at a small rv park outside Southfork, Co.about 3 weeks ago. We had a bear visit periodically. He found the bacon and lasagna in a small freezer outside one of the long term campers. The man finally put straps on the freezer. But, the bear did try to get in! And, many of the summer campers put out hummingbird feeders. Yep. Bear went after those also!

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