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Boondocking at Scott Lake (Lake Tahoe area)

After leaving the Klamath Falls, OR area, we decided to head down to the Lake Tahoe area to check out some boondocking areas.  We first went to Carson City, NV and stayed at the Gold Dust West Casino and RV Park (not really recommended).  While there, we went and scouted out some areas we had heard about.

We first went to the Markleeville, CA Guard Station and spoke to the rangers there.  They gave us quite a few ideas and off we set to scout the area.  We located a few potential spots but the first one we settled on was Scott Lake.  Located less than 30 minutes from South Lake Tahoe and Carson City, we felt this would be a good choice.  GPS:  38.76618, -119.94187

Scott Lake dispersed camping
Scott Lake dispersed camping

There were a few other campers in the area but it was not particularly crowded – at first.  There were cows running through the area but they didn’t cause any trouble.  They were rounded up and moved out on the third day we were there.  Our dog Tank really enjoyed seeing them!

We got cows! :)
We got cows! 🙂
Fascinated with the cows!
Fascinated with the cows!

We set up camp and had wonderful sweeping views of the meadow and mountains in front of us.  There is some road noise from Hwy 88 that runs near the area but it wasn’t too bad.  The weather was really nice – mid 70’s to low 80’s during the day with a few clouds and a tiny bit of rain but the area needs it.  Perfect at night being in the mid 40’s.   The only downside was there wasn’t any signal – either Verizon or AT&T, even with our Wilson 4g booster. But the town of Markleeville, CA was only 13 miles away and there was plenty of free WIFI to be had.

Set up at Scott Lake
Set up at Scott Lake

Now, there is a lake at Scott Lake, but it is up a very rough dirt road that is only recommended for 4 wheel drives.  And at nearly three miles we didn’t walk up to it (steep road).  Not sure of the status of the lake but we heard it has some good fishing.

Dramatic clouds over the area
Dramatic clouds over the area
Tank loved it there
Tank loved it there
Shortly after this pic was taken they touched noses!  I don't know who was more surprised... :)
Shortly after this pic was taken they touched noses! I don’t know who was more surprised… 🙂

We spent 4 full days at this camp and had planned on staying longer, but unfortunately a group of campers came in and decided that even though there were plenty of other areas to camp that right next to us would be perfect.  :-/  So we decided to high tail it to a new camp.  After all, that’s why our house has wheels!

They ended up being closer by the time it was all said and done
They ended up being closer by the time it was all said and done.  Damn clingers!

So we packed up and headed over to Indian Creek Reservoir to a dispersed camping area by the lake.  As of this writing we’ve been here 3 days and this is much better.  No other campers in sight and plenty of wildlife!  AND we get Verizon signal for our MIFI which we didn’t get at the other camp.  Perfect!  But more on that in another post.   I will leave you with a few more photos of this camp.  All in all, it wasn’t a bad place but did get a lot of other people so if you’re looking for something more secluded this is not it.  But on the other hand if you want a free camp that is located close to Lake Tahoe then this is definitely a decent site.  We did enjoy it but was glad to move on.

4 thoughts on “Boondocking at Scott Lake (Lake Tahoe area)”

  1. Love the photo of your dog with the cow. I can never figure out why others feel compelled to park close to another RV when there’s plenty of room to spread out.

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