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Kla-Mo-Ya Casino Overnight Parking

Saturday – July 18, 2015 IMG_2504 We left Caldwell, Idaho Saturday morning with really no plans other than to make it to the Crater Lake area in Oregon.

After leaving Bend, OR we headed south on Hwy 97 towards Crater Lake. Not really knowing the area, we decided to just finding a place to park for the night.

Thanks to Nina of Wheeling It for her fantastic review of the Kla-Mo-Ya Casino, we decided that’s where we would head.  We pulled in and saw the designated area for RVs and found a spot along the perimeter that would work.

We enjoyed a nice meal at the casino resteraunt and then played a few slots before going back to our rig and relaxing outside with a drink. We met some of the other RVers parked here and found that one of them had been here for a week! Apparently there is no stay limit here.

We only stayed the one night before moving on, but for an overnight stop it can’t be beat.  And thanks to our handy dandy RV Solar and battery bank we enjoyed a wonderful evening at home!

Yeah!! We made it to Oregon!! Time to explore this beautiful state!

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