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6 nights, 7 days, 2500 miles

And we are HERE!  We made it to Idaho! Yeah, we know it’s been over a week since we’ve been here but we’ve been busy! 🙂

Idaho or Bust!
Idaho or Bust!  We are finally here!!

We left South Carolina as originally planned on June 29, 2015 and arrived on July 5, 2015!  When we set off we had agreed to going about 300-350 miles a day, depending on traffic, road conditions, etc.  We managed to do about 360 miles per day (on average) and made it here in 7 days.  We stayed fairly close to the interstate every night to make it simple to get back on the road each day.  We stayed at a couple of decent RV parks but for the most part they were pretty crappy.  If it hadn’t been so hot we would have done the Walmart boondocking thing.  But seeing how it was 85+ each day I just couldn’t do it (I can’t deal with the heat when I sleep).

We were very pleased with how our truck pulled our new trailer.  We averaged about 10 MPG on the trip out here so all in all, that worked for us.  We had no troubles at all and it was really a great trip!  The gas did get more expensive the further west we went but other things got cheaper, so it averaged out, IMO.

I put together a list of the parks we stayed at and the price we paid, along with a little review of each.  Granted, these were not destination areas but just a place to lay our heads each night.  Photos of our travels out here are at the end of the post in a gallery!  We didn’t take a lot as we were in a mad dash to get here but there are some fun ones.

The parks we stayed at along the way and the price we paid each night:

1st stop:

  • Chattanooga, TN (382 mile drive)
  • RV Park:  Holiday Trav-L-Park
  • Price paid:  $35
  • Overall a decent park with easy access to the interstate.  The sites were decent with little grassy areas and picnic tables.  Nice trees and shady.

2nd stop:

  • Mt. Vernon, IL (375 mile drive)
  • RV Park:  Archway RV Park
  • Price paid:  $33
  • Pretty crappy park for the price.  Front desk people were clueless and there was a lot of road noise but not surprising considering the interstate is so close.  It was convenient and that’s all.

3rd stop:

  • St. Joseph, MO (387 mile drive)
  • RV Park:  AOK Campground
  • Price paid:  $27
  • Easy access to the interstate.  Very small park up a very steep gravel road.  They have a pond in the park that made the bugs really bad but as it was only an overnight we could live with it.  Would not stay long term.  Also, the sites were not level with all of them going downhill.

4th stop:

  • North Platte, NE (363 mile drive)
  • RV Park:  Holiday RV Park
  • Price paid: $35
  • Easy access to the interstate.  The bugs were HORRENDOUS!  Sites were very very close together.  But what made me mad is we were told one rate and I had to give a credit card over the phone to hold the spot (due to the holiday weekend traffic) and we were charged a lot more ($27 versus $35).  Would never recommend this park as I hate shady dealing.  Also, the water pressure was almost nil.

5th stop:

  • Rawlings, WY (376 mile drive)
  • RV Park:  RV World Campground
  • Price paid:  $27.50 (water & electric only)
  • Again, easy access to the interstate.  This place was nothing more than a gravel parking lot with hookups.  Spaces were so tight that the first spot they put us in we didn’t fit and our trailer is only 30′ with hitch.  But again, as we were only staying one night it worked.

6th and final stop:

  • Snowville, UT (358 mile drive)
  • RV Park:  Lottie-Dell Campground (no website) (435) 872-8273
  • Price paid: $26
  • Not far from I-84 right before the Idaho border.  This rustic campground reminds me of what it used to be like before “glamping” came along.  All grass spaces, very nice, wide and long with full hookups.  This place is done on the honor system if you come in late and the owner is very pleasant.  There is a driving range with golf clubs and balls located in the check in office!  Sweeping views of the mountain ranges and far enough from the interstate that it was a very pleasant evening to stay here.  By far my favorite spot of the cross country trip!  Not sure I would stay here long term but it was very relaxing after 6 days on the road.

On our last day we drove 268 miles to our final destination in Caldwell, Idaho.  We are currently at Country Corners RV Park and will be here another week before heading off to Oregon (I will do a review of the park when we leave).  We’ve had a lot of fun visiting my mom and checking out all the wineries that have sprung up here in the last 30 years.  It’s amazing how much this place has changed!  But the wind is already calling to us and we are keen to be off.  🙂

Enjoy some of the photos from our travels that week!

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