Eats & Treats ~ Thai Ginger Chicken Soup

Whoa. This soup just ROCKS! Seriously!
While looking through recipes I found a version of this soup. It sounded so delicious but knew it would need a few tweaks to make it “just right”. So, I set to work and wow were we ever happy! With chicken, ginger, Sriracha and a lot of other yummy Thai flavors this soup is definitely a hit.

The recipe is below. If you make this soup let me know what you think of it! Adjust your Sriracha to taste to make it as spicy as you like. Enjoy!

Thai Ginger Soup

1 box Swanson Thai Ginger base
2 cups chicken broth + 3 Tbsp
1lb chicken, diced
1 red bell pepper, diced
4 baby bella mushrooms, sliced
1 can unsweetened coconut milk
4-5 tbsp Lime juice
Ground Ginger
Soy sauce (splash)
Sriracha sauce
Salt & pepper
Bunch cilantro
Sesame oil – 1 tbsp
1 cup basmati rice

Prepare rice in rice cooker and keep warm. (Or prepare on stovetop).

Cook diced chicken in stock pan with a splash of chicken broth, ginger, salt & pepper, sesame oil & soy sauce until cooked through.

Add Thai Ginger base to cooked chicken, diced red bell pepper, mushrooms, 2 cups chicken broth, lime juice, a squirt of Sriracha and one can coconut milk. Bring to boil. Reduce heat and let simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Taste soup and adjust seasonings as needed. Add cilantro and scallions to taste. Serve over a scoop of basmati rice. Enjoy! 😊

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Chillin’ in Charleston

We are currently hanging out in the Charleston area while awaiting the finalization of Mark’s workers comp case. We have an end in site (yea!!) but not much can be said until all is final.

Workers comp cases are complicated at best so while everything is still open we are trying not to muddy the waters. Hence, we won’t be disclosing our exact location until it’s finalized.

Until then, I have some awesome recipes coming up so stay tuned for food!! Lots and lots of food. 😊.

I did manage to get some new awning lights the other day! Peppers and cactus!! Or “peppers & pricks” as Mark calls them hehehe! Here they are:


Chow for now!
Shelly & Mark

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Bye Bye, North Carolina!

We are on the road again.  This time headed to the Charleston, SC area.  We need to be there for some upcoming meetings with Mark’s attorney for his workers comp case.  The plan is to be there for the month of January and possibly February.  Hopefully this will close his case and we will be FREE to hit the road for good!  Where will we go?  Wherever the wind may blow us!  Until then, we will enjoy Charleston and all it has to offer.  Goodbye, North Carolina!