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Time for wine!

Our first major trip in the RV was a success! Well, we did have a little towing mishap and I had to drive the Jeep but other than that it was a great drive. Somehow the steering column locked up for a few miles and we messed up our alignment a bit.  No worries, that’s easily fixed and there is no big harm done.

So after our 5 hour drive, we arrived safe and sound to our new location which just happens to be a winery!

Grapefull Sisters Vineyard ~ Tabor City, NC (courtesy Grapefull Sisters Vineyard)
Grapefull Sisters Vineyard ~ Tabor City, NC (courtesy Grapefull Sisters Vineyard)

Grapefull Sisters Vineyard, located in Tabor City, NC is a small winery and RV park (only 22 sites), a 3 room bed and breakfast and a wine tasting room. But more on the wine tasting later.

We are only 30 minutes from Myrtle Beach, SC with lots of great restaurants and things to do. Of course we came here to visit our daughter who is attending Coastal Carolina University. She is in her third year of school and is majoring in business. She’s a smart cookie and we are so proud of her accomplishments! She is going to Europe for a May-mester and we can’t wait to hear about her adventures.

We are currently relaxing and settling in and will be attending wine tastings!

Our site at Grapefull Sisters Vineyard/Carrollwoods RV Park!
Our site at Grapefull Sisters Vineyard/Carrollwoods RV Park!

And of course we have started decorating for Christmas!

The lights are up!
The lights are up!

On our first night here we found a great little Asian-fusion place and will be sharing a review of that soon. It was so good!

That is all for the moment as there is lots of wine to drink and food to eat.  Plus a lot of sight seeing and visiting with the daughter.  Oh and did I mention decompressing?  Lots and lots of decompressing!


Shelly & Mark ~ Boondock or Bust!

5 thoughts on “Time for wine!”

  1. We blew a front tire on our jeep liberty once while towing it behind our Mtr Hm while crossing Texas. It tore part of the left front fender off. and knocked the front end out of alignment. I know use a TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) on our towed Vehicle as well as the Mtr Hm. Of course a TPMS would not have discovered a steering lockup unless the tires got hot or lost air pressure.

      1. No one was hurt, but $1000 plus damage to jeep and tow bar. Plus a rim and tire. I now monitor not only the air pressure and heat of the toads tires but also the backup camera keeps a eye on the jeep while being towed.

  2. This place looks awesome Shelly! But I have to ask after seeing your FB posts … Have you guys signed up for bingo and canasta yet??? LoL Seriously though, looks like a nice quiet place to enjoy the holidays and plan your next adventure. 🙂

    1. It is a beautiful place but unfortunately we are the youngest here by 20+ years! Not that we mind, everyone is really nice but we are just hanging out by ourselves and decompressing for the time being. 😜🍷

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