And just like that it’s started!


That is one of my favorite quotes by Mark Twain.  It has kept me going the past year. But now, a little update.  So much has happened this past month I can’t even begin to tell it all! I am just floored but SO GRATEFUL that this life has FINALLY started!  Here is a synopsis of what has happened:

Mark came home from work on November 4th and told me that his boss pulled him aside and told him that Friday (November 7) would be his last day at work.  His boss said the company could not continue to offer Mark light duty work and so even though his case is not closed yet by Workers Comp the company doesn’t want him on the payroll any longer.  Good thing we’ve got a healthy savings account and we had been expecting this, though not until the end of the year.  Also, the workers comp pay will start as well.

We are still waiting to get the final report back from the doctor and for the case to settle.  That could be another two to three months down the road.  So what to do?  We thought it over for a few days and decided there was nothing keeping us here in this town so we decided that for December we would go visit our daughter 4 hours to the north (where she is in college)!  That gave us just 4 short weeks to get things organized and done so we can hit the road!  It’s been a mad dash for sure!

So now our plans are to spend December and the holidays with her.  And the great part is we will be staying at a VINEYARD!  Bring on the wine tastings, oh yea!  We found this wonderful little RV park that is attached to a vineyard called Grapefull Sisters Vineyard!  It will be a nice place to begin our relaxing and decompressing. And wine tastings! Did I mention it’s a vineyard!?? lol


So what happens after December? Not sure at this moment.  Unfortunately, until the case is settled we really can’t go too far as Mark might have to attend a hearing or deposition.  I am hoping it will be closed by the end of December so we can then high tail it out to Texas to get our residency and then off to Quartzsite and surrounding areas for the rest of the winter and into spring.  We’ve just purchased our solar and will be adding that to the rig this next month.  Then it’s off to visit Mark’s mom in California and then my mom in Idaho!  Those are our tentative plans but we are also willing to go with the flow too.  Never know what may happen! 🙂

Happy Trails, y’all!  See you down the road!

Shelly & Mark

4 thoughts on “And just like that it’s started!”

  1. We too love that quote by Mark Twain, and use it as our headline in our blog. Great to see you are finally getting to hit the road, it is so much more than you expect, enjoy!

  2. That is one of my fav quotes, too. I love Mark Twain!!! I’m sorry to hear of your struggles, but seems that you have found the silver lining! What a way to spin what could be a very negative incident to the positive. Safe travels and please keep us updated.

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