Do you Facebook?

So one of the questions I’m always curious about is do the people out there who follow travel blogs also follow said blogs Facebook pages?  I do have my blog set up to automatically filter into Facebook but I really do wonder if Facebook is on the decline or do you still feel it’s a vital place to “check in” to your favorite blogs?  So a quick poll!  Here we go:


Can’t wait to see some results of this poll!  🙂  And for those of you who DO use Facebook to follow your favorite travel blogs perhaps you can give us a like too?  Here’s our link!



2 thoughts on “Do you Facebook?”

  1. I think FB is starting to be irrelevant. Kind of like those video games in the early days. Gets to be the same old same old and soon you tire of it. Except for a few close friends and relatives…

    1. I agree Wayne. It just seems like the same stuff, different day. I do use it to help my jewelry business along but really I seem to be bored with it for the most part. I’m sure something new and shiny will come along to take its place. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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