Time to begin again!


Wow!  Has it really been nearly a year since I’ve posted on this blog?  Looking back at my last post it’s hard to believe it’s been that long.  So much has happened in the past few months and really I don’t know where to begin.  I guess I’ll start at the beginning! 🙂

When we left you last we were experimenting with boondocking (dry camping).  We had a few things we wanted to shake down on the rig and make sure it was set.  We were thinking of hitting the road for some travel the beginning of 2014 and we were trying to get all our ducks in a row. For our home base, we had a great place we were parked on, with beautiful views and wildlife.  Then, disaster hit.

In December, a week before Christmas, while working at his job at the propane company, my husband was maneuvering a large propane cylinder (100lb cylinder that actually weighs about 170lbs full!) he heard/felt a large POP in his lower back and down he went.  He knew something had just gone terribly wrong.  As it was Friday, his boss told him (at the end of the day – he still finished his shift) to go home and rest.  On Monday when returning to work he was still in extreme pain.  It took another 2 days before his boss finally “let” him go to the doctor.  It was the day before Christmas.  They sent him home with pain meds and told him to ice it.

He goes back to work after Christmas with weight limit restrictions (10lb limit) which his bosses don’t heed and continued to work him at his regular job.  He kept making trips to the doctor saying his back is not getting better.  Over **6 weeks later** the doctor finally agrees to do an MRI.  Remember, this is workers comp so they don’t like to spend money.

His MRI report comes back with not just one disc herniated, but FOUR!  One is so severe it is cutting off the channel of the nerve.  He is having debilitating pain, can barely walk, can barely get out of bed in the morning but yet his boss is still having him do work that is beyond the doctors restrictions.  Guess what.  Yup, we lawyered up after that MRI.  When that happened the attitude at his work changed a bit and he was put on light duty (finally).

Long story short, he met with a surgeon and had back surgery in May (5 months after the initial injury!).  He is recovering slowly but he will probably always be disabled.  You see, workers comp allowed them to fix the one severe disc injury, but the other 3 they consider “minor” and they say that time will heal them – or not.  They don’t know for sure.  One thing is sure, my husband will never return to the job he was doing before, in my opinion.  That much physical activity will not be possible in the future.  His surgeon released him to MMI (maximum medical improvement – in other words, the best he is going to get).  We had his FCE on September 29th.  The FCE determines his level of disability and whether he can go back to his job or not.  We are still waiting to hear the results of that.  We have had a second opinion with another neurosurgeon but until the case is settled I can’t say much more.

So our dream of hitting the road has been set back a bit.  We are hoping when this case settles we can start traveling as we want.  One thing is for sure, we will still always enjoy the RV life!  We have lived in our rig for almost 2 years and we still love it to this day! We did have to change from our beautiful spot to an RV park a couple of months ago though.  Unfortunately we had neighbor issues we couldn’t deal with any longer.  After a year of dealing with the lies and small petty thefts (oh, not to mention them dumping RAW SEWAGE on the ground – EWWWW!) we decided it was time to move on.  But that is a post for another time! We are much happier in our new location.  🙂

I have managed to start a new little jewelry business the past couple months.  It is called Red Cactus Design and you can check out my Etsy store here:


Here are some samples of my work:


Hopefully my little business will help us out with our travels! 🙂

I will try to be more regular in my posts over the coming weeks.  And who knows, once everything is said and done we might actually get out on the road! I know we are looking forward to it.

5 thoughts on “Time to begin again!”

  1. Crazy year indeed! Glad you got away from the drama … life is way too short for that kind of nonsense! Still sending lots of positive energy and good vibes your way for Mark’s recovery. Maybe before you know it you’ll be hitting the road to a new destination. But don’t worry if it still takes longer than you thought … it will just make your first voyage that much sweeter! 😉

    Good luck with the Red Cactus Design Boutique! I love your jewelry!

    All the best,

    1. Thank you!! 🙂 We are enjoying ourselves and Mark is doing a bit better every day. Just goes to show you – you should never wait for the “right” moment. Just get out there and do what you love!

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