Dry run!!


After purchasing our Class A last year we redid the interior the way we wanted, including removing the dinette and installing more cabinets and a larger countertop. We also installed wood flooring, repainted and added a tankless hot water heater. Then we moved everything in and parked it. We’ve been living in it for over 8 months now and it’s been awesome! It’s really comfortable and other than a few small issues it’s been a very easy adjustment from living in a big sticks & bricks.

But all this while of living in it we have never once taken it OUT to do what it is meant to do – go down the road! One reason was that the electrical system needed a rewiring. While everything worked while we were plugged into shore power, NOTHING worked when we were not, including all the 12v items that should have run off the batteries. Very weird situation. It seems the previous owner had made some “upgrades” and never anticipated using this without power. Now, it does have a generator and it is great in a pinch but who wants to hear it, let alone smell it? So, the hubby set out to get it wired correctly.

The first thing he wanted to do was to move the batteries from up front under the hood to a bin at the back near all the electrical systems. We eventually want to add solar so this is the beginning of our set up. Mark moved the two house batteries to the new bin, ran some lines between one thing and another, added a battery disconnect and viola! We now have the ability to use our 12v items without having to be connected to shore power! Our Class A does have a converter that controls the 12v system when plugged in but somewhere along the line someone tweaked it in a wrong way. I’m so glad my hubby understands electrical systems and all that jazz – I would be lost without him! πŸ™‚

So of course Mark says “why not take it out for a dry run?”. HUH?? You mean with NO power other than our 12v stuff?? Whatever will I do? lol So he convinced me that a) we needed to get it down the road and burn some of the old fuel and b) it would be a good test to see what sort of improvements we would need to be boondocking. After all, this IS “Boondock or Bust”, right?? πŸ˜€

After disconnecting everything, storing things like crazy so they wouldn’t fall and putting up the awning we were off and running! We did a 60 mile round trip drive and everything seemed to run perfectly! Now the only question was where to stay the night? Yes, we could pull back into our spot and not hook up, but we wanted to be away from everyone. Fortunately, our little property we are on has a small island (about 2 acres) that is right on the river & marsh. It has a small dirt road to drive to it and we weren’t sure the big beastie would make it. Sure enough, the hubby is an excellent driver and we made it! Set up the awning and chairs and enjoyed the view for the evening. (See photo above)

All in all a successful dry run! We did have to turn on the generator to make coffee in the morning but other than that all went perfectly! Now to get some solar added and an inverter and we will be good to go!

So now our goal is to start going somewhere every other weekend. Shake out all the bugs, etc. We had so much fun going down the road I just wish it had been a “real” trip. But now the planning and adventure starts!! Yeah!!

Get out there and go RVing – it is awesome!

Shelly & Mark – officially Boondock or Bust now! Here is the big beastie and our toad, Jeep:


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