One year today!

Wow… it’s so hard to believe that this blog was born one year ago today!  And what’s even more amazing to us is that this dream started TWO years ago!  And while we DO live in our RV that we purchased last year, we still have not traveled the way we want to.  Mostly that is due to the fact that our daughter is just now in her second year of college and since she goes to an in state school, we are required to file our taxes here in our state (SC) for her FAFSA. Which means we need to work and maintain our residency in this state.  Bleh.

Anyone who doesn’t know what a FAFSA is – consider yourselves blessed!  That is our lovely governments way of deciding who can afford to pay what for tuition based on numerous facts from your IRS filing.  They go off the parents income – NOT the student – as we all know that not many students are making any income yet.  So they stick it to the parents.  Which in turn causes students to have to take out more loans if the parents can’t afford what the government says they can.  But, that is a whole other gripe for another time. 🙂

Fortunately, we only have to file our taxes in our home state TWO MORE TIMES (2014 & 2015) and then we are FREE FREE FREE!!!  Gosh, can you tell we are excited?? lol  Then we get to do all the fun things that all full timers do – registering in a “full time friendly” state, getting our mail forwarded, finding our own health insurance (Yuck!!).  And the list goes on but the BEST part is the TRAVEL!!!!  Our daughter doesn’t graduate college until 2016 but that just means we will be making a trip back here for that big event.

We plan on heading back west (think New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, etc) and exploring those wonderful states.  As an alternative to waiting until 2015, we have thought of even finding seasonal jobs here locally in SC from September through March (starting next year) and then just traveling the other part of the year (summers in Montana/Idaho/Wyoming, anyone??).  So many decisions to make!  Unfortunately we are HERE until spring comes, at the minimum.  Then we will decide after that!  All I know is that neither myself nor my hubby can handle another hot and humid summer of the south!  He has already had heat stroke (as he works outside) at *least* 4 times and a seizure was part of one of them – enough to scare me half to death!  So yeah… no more South Carolina summers!  Especially working outside in it.

One of the few good things about having to stay put this past year is that we are now really acclimated to living in our RV!  We have decorated and redone things how WE want and are very pleased with how it looks and lives!  There are a few more things we need to take care of though before hitting the road – and the main thing is adding SOLAR, as we plan on boondocking more than anything else, and currently the only thing that runs off our house batteries are the fridge and the water heater!  Not even the water PUMP is connected directly.  HUH??  Shouldn’t you be able to run your 12v water pump off house batteries when not connected??  Seems odd to us! The guy who owned this rig previously probably never went without shore power or running the generator.  No thanks, that’s not for us. So we will be setting up our Solar Power system this year and getting that squared away!

Anyhow – that is part of what has been going on here this past year.  Lot of things to look forward to and hoping that we hit the road sooner rather than later!  I am also going to make a point of blogging more – mostly to keep me focused on trying to get us ready to hit the road than for anything very exciting.  Right now we are working and just living.  Typical life except we live in our  RV.  I’m sure I will think of something to blog on!! 🙂

Ok all – keep on keeping on!  Happy Fall, y’all!! Hope everyone is enjoying lovely weather!

Shelly & Mark ~ Boondock or Bust (SOON SOON SOON!!!)


Remember 9/11/01

Today as we remember the tragedy of 9/11, please take a moment to hug your loved ones and tell them how much you love them.  You may not get the chance to do it again.

A quote that is worth repeating:

“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”

  – James Madison


Peace & Love, my friends!

Shelly & Mark ~ Boondock or Bust