Is it fall yet?

I have to admit, in my “younger” days I *LOVED* summer and really I still do!  Unfortunately though where we currently reside (for the next 2 1/2 years – come on June 2016!!!) the humidity levels are killer.  While it is only 86 degrees out the humidity makes it feel like over 100.  It’s so miserable that as soon as you step out your door you melt.

I love being outside and DOING stuff but frankly I think my thermostat is broke!  I feel like I’m melting after only about 15 minutes being outdoors.  I wake up every day now hoping for a relief in the humidity but I know it won’t happen for *at least* another month or so.

The plus side of this is that my garden is doing well!  My jalapenos are going crazy and so are my bell peppers!  Gotta like that at least. 🙂

Well, I guess I will stop for now and get to work – at least I things I can do indoors while I wait for the heat to break. And I will dream of cooling fall dreams at night!  This looks about right:


Shelly ~ Boondock or Bust!