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Happy Memorial Day!


Memorial Day has always held special meaning for us.  This weekend is more than just BBQ’s and enjoying the start of summer.  We both come from a military background – Shelly having served 4 years in the Air Force during the first Gulf War and Mark’s father serving in the Air Force during Korea.

Sadly, Mark’s father is no longer with us.  This weekend will hold a lot of reflecting back on the good memories of him.  I (Shelly) will also be remembering many friends I lost during my time in service.  We understand what these young men and women who are currently serving (or recently separated from service) are going through and they have my respect and admiration.  We must always hold them dear and remember they are serving OUR COUNTRY.  Where they go and what they are assigned to do is beyond their control.

The men and women who sign up to serve our country are doing so freely, with the knowledge that they could lose their lives doing so.  They do not make much money but they are defending us all so we can rest easy.  Trust me, it takes a lot of courage to be so selfless.

So please take a moment during this long weekend and truly remember what it represents.  We are enjoying our freedom, our families, get-togethers, etc, all because someone else is sacrificing their lives for us.  Honor our military members and veterans and if you see someone in uniform take a moment and thank them for their service – it will mean the world to them!

Stay safe and have a fabulous weekend!! 🙂

Shelly & Mark ~ Boondock or Bust!


New items in the shop!

We’ve added a bunch of new items in the last couple of days!  Come check it out:  Green Apple Soaps & Sundries

“Fire & Ice” This amazing soap smells SO sexy and is perfect for both men and women!

We will be adding a lot of new items soon including lotions, scrubs and a shampoo bar!  Perfect to keep your hair shiny and silky feeling.  Stay tuned for more!!

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New business is launched!

We have been pretty quiet around here lately – mainly due to work obligations, etc. But the exciting part is that I have officially launched my new business and will be leaving my “day job” in a couple of weeks! I can’t wait for that. 🙂

Many of you who know me know that I have been a photographer (weddings/portraits) for a long time now (10+ years). What you may not know is that I have always needed other artistic outlets besides the photography. While trying to come up with ideas for a business we could take on the road I looked at the “hobbies” I currently do now – mainly soap making and crochet. DING DING DING!! Why not just produce what I love doing as a hobby and sell the products? So “Green Apple Soaps & Sundries” was born!


We currently have a shop on Etsy and will be expanding to a blog soon so stay posted. For those of you interested in what we are doing here is the link to my Etsy shop. Enjoy!!

Green Apple Soaps & Sundries