Latest project ~ a new faucet!

My most favorite remodeling project in the past two months has been the replacement of the kitchen and bathroom faucets!  The old faucets were made of plastic and were frankly just cheap.  They leaked water and were pretty bad.  Unfortunately faucet connections in an RV are a bit different than in a house but with the expert mechanical knowledge of my amazing hubby he was able to get it to work and give me the faucet I wanted!  A little ingenuity goes a long way! 🙂  Here are some before and after photos of my new kitchen faucet.  We replaced the bathroom one as well but that wasn’t nearly as exciting. LOL

Here is the original faucet (pretty icky and too short to do anything with):


And here we go – taking out old faucet!!  That was a project!


And the pretty new one!!


All installed:afterfaucet2

One of the next projects we have lined up is a new sink!  We want a single bowl style that is deeper than what we have now.  The current sink is so shallow that water tends to splatter everywhere when washing dishes.  Ugh.  But that is later on down the line.  It works for now.

And for those of you who are curious about the bathroom faucet here is a before and after shot.  I didn’t get any “in between” shots, sorry!  🙂



And after (much better!!):


We also added an Oxygenics shower head.  What a HUGE difference in water pressure it makes!  We are on a well where we are and the water pressure isn’t the greatest and with our Girard water heater pressure makes a difference in water temp.  The shower head is AWESOME.  Best $25 spent in a long time.

Our next post will be about our new toad we purchased – and our new DEBT FREE lifestyle!  We will be going in depth about why we chose this life and what it means for our future.

Thanks for reading and we love responding to all your questions!  Keep ’em coming!! 🙂

Shelly & Mark ~ Boondock or Bust!

11 thoughts on “Latest project ~ a new faucet!”

  1. I have a question about the back splash tile in your photos. We have changed the faucets and are wanting to put tile on the back splash. The question is what Did you use to glue the tile to the wall and are you having any trouble with the grout. Cracking or coming off?


    Chris Evans Sent from my iPad

    1. We used an industrial strength adhesive to put it up then a flexible grout to fill in the gaps. So far it has held up really well! We used the thinnest glass tiles we could find for weight issues as well. Hope that answers your questions!

  2. Saw your blog on Nomadic DIY… I am going to bookmark this for when I tackle this project, because I will forget who posted it! 😛 The new faucets look wonderful and I look forward to reading through your blog.

  3. Awesome upgrades.. in fact, I believe you guys selected the same faucet we installed in our kitchen sink. Great tastes 🙂 We love it. You’ll love the upgrade to a single bowl deeper sink too, that was one of our first modifications.

  4. Yey! So glad to see a post from you guys! Glad things are going well and you were able to find something close to everything you need until you “hit the road”. We are getting ready to to start a remodel on our dinette area as we really need it to function more as an office area (that we eat in) with good supportive office chairs, and space for all the office office electronics, etc. I thought of you guys as soon as we started planning out the design. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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