Demo done – Remodel begun!

Wow!  The remodel is almost done!! I say “almost” as I don’t know that we’ll ever truly be done.  I have a long list of *little* things still to accomplish but the big things are pretty much DONE!  We started by tearing out all the carpet, the couch, and the dinette to make it our own.  We painted, put down flooring, built a desk/counter space, put in a new couch, etc etc.  Here are some photos of all that we have done!  I will be uploading the newest ones soon with the completed look – including a post about our new location!! It is AWESOME!  🙂

Here we go:

I will be adding quite a few more photos in the next week.  We are pretty proud of the finished product!  And I’m really grateful I have the handiest husband ever!! 🙂