Thankful for so much!


As we look back at the past year or so we realize we have a lot to be thankful for.  We have our health, good jobs, great friends, we are very happy and content.  We have a wonderful daughter who we are very proud of and so much more.  We are truly blessed!

This will be our last holiday season in a stick and brick home and we can’t be more excited about the prospect!  And as we move forward into the coming year(s) I am sure we will find even more to be thankful for – such as learning about this great lifestyle which we are only now beginning to explore.  We look forward to meeting like-minded people and experiencing this country that will take years and years to explore.

We hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving!  Eat lots of good food, enjoy whatever company you are with and be thankful for all you have!  I know we will!

Mark, Shelly & the Crew!!




Demo Days!

We’ve been working hard on the new rig every weekend!  So much so, I’ve neglected the blog.  🙂 So I thought I would drop a quick post with some “before” and “during” demo shots!  We have basically taken everything out – dinette, couch, carpeting, flooring in kitchen and toilet room – and are starting fresh.

To give you a general idea of the process here are some photos.  These are pretty boring, I know, but just wait until you see the AFTER shots!!  This rig is looking AMAZING!!! So to get you started here they are – before & during:

Ok, so that was a quick view of our taking stuff out.  The new stuff will be posted soon!!  We’ve had so much fun doing this remodel!!!  🙂