Our new home on wheels!

Finally!  After over a year and a half of searching we have finally settled on something we could both enjoy and afford and have brought it home!

When we set out to convert to the RV lifestyle we had a lot of thoughts on what type of RV would suit us.  Would we start with a travel trailer?  A fifth wheel?  Class A, B, or C?  We looked at a LOT of rigs over the past year and waffled between one thing and another.  There are so many great and cool RV’s out there that the choices seemed endless!

Finally we sat down and figured out a budget.  That helped a lot!  We knew what we needed for the two of us and our dog and cat.  We are outdoorsy-type people so knew that we didn’t need a ton of interior space – just some place to sleep comfortably, a desk area (important for me and my iMac.. he he he), and a nice place to sit and watch TV on occasion.

One thing we realized while starting to look was that Mark was having an issue fitting in most of the rigs.  Why?  Well, you see, he is 6’6″!  It’s amazing how low the ceilings are in most RV’s.  Me, I have no issues as I fit pretty much anywhere being only 5’3″.  🙂  But we knew we would need to take that into consideration when purchasing something.  So, that ruled out 99% of travel trailers.  Besides the fact the ceilings are low, there is very little storage in them.  Next we looked at fifth wheels.  We LOVED the layout on most of them, the interior height was excellent (in the living area – most bedroom areas he would still have to duck a bit) and the storage space was acceptable.  Only problem – we would need a dually truck to pull it with.  Well, we are totally against loans of ANY type (or using credit for that matter), so we knew if we went with a 5’er it would take us yet another year to save for what we wanted.  That would NOT work!  We want to start NOW!! LOL

After that we considered Class C’s.  While some of them were really nice, again, we had issues with ceiling height and storage.  So that left us pretty much one choice – Class A’s.  But now what?  Should we get a cool, retro bus?  Or something with a gas engine that had decent look to it?  After looking at the buses, while we really loved the idea, again we ran into height issues!  So, after much debate we settled on a Class A.  Now the hunt was on!  We looked, and looked and looked some more.  Finally we found one down in Florida (4 hours away) that seemed to fit the bill.  The only problem, the owner was out of town and we had to wait 4 weeks to see it!  Argh!  But, patience paid off and it was exactly what we were looking for.  Old enough to not be that expensive and within our budget, but new enough to have decent looks, lots of storage and not too many issues!

So here she is (if you’ve been able to read this far) – our 1998 Georgie Boy Pursuit! 🙂  Video tour coming soon!!

General info

The great PURGE!

No, no… I don’t have an eating disorder, I promise!  Let me explain….

Every person who has ever made the leap into living in an RV will understand what I mean by “the great purge”.  When you live in conventional housing (i.e., “sticks & bricks”) we tend to accumulate things.  Things we need… things we think we need, if not now then later… and things we buy on impulse that we later say “what were we thinking?”.  But what we don’t realize is that all these things amount to a LOT of stuff over time.  And the bigger the home we live in the more we tend to collect.  It seems we humans have a desire to fill up whatever space we are residing in!

Obviously moving into an RV means getting rid of most of our non-essential belongings and some of the ones we *think* are essential as well.  Back in August, Mark and I decided it was time to do the first round of purging.  We didn’t have an RV lined up yet but we knew we had a certain time frame and we felt the sooner we got things gone the easier it would be when we did have the RV and could move stuff in.

So round one consisted of cleaning out the garage and putting everything we thought that had any worth on Craigslist and eBay.  Mark had a number of tools that he finally decided he could part with (that was a tough one, let me tell you!!) and those sold like hot cakes!  We also had a number of other items that went quickly as well (our boat, some sporting equipment, and some furniture).  It really is amazing what people will buy but we’re sure glad they did!

We also held back a number of small items and made a few piles for a garage sale, which we had this past weekend.  Mainly some other tools that Mark parted with (it’s like pulling teeth to get him to let go!! lol), some other small pieces of furniture, dishware, glassware, you name it!  Surprisingly we sold EVERYTHING!  And all for great prices!  I was extremely happy with the results money wise and the weird thing is, I felt this HUGE weight lift off my shoulders!  I couldn’t believe how liberating it was to sell all this stuff!

Needless to say I’ve turned into a bit of a “selling junkie”.  I’ve been putting other stuff on eBay and Craigslist that I didn’t think I could part with and find that it’s a lot easier than I thought.  I’ve been selling so much that Mark has had to slow me down a bit!  For some reason he doesn’t want to sleep on the floor or eat at the kitchen counter.  Hmmm!  🙂

The best part (besides the money) is that I am having FUN with it!  I like seeing my things go to people who will enjoy them.  Of course, we are also doing the donating thing too.  A lot of clothing and other items went to Good Will so that is always good.  We also took a truck load to the local dump.  We were truly amazed at how much “stuff” we have/had!  And trust me, there is still quite a bit to go.  I for one will be glad when it’s gone and we can move into the RV!

Even if you are not planning on living the RV lifestyle it’s a really good idea to do this sort of purge once in awhile.  The trick is to not fill those empty spaces back up once it’s gone!  Good luck with that! 😉

Until later…. Shelly & Mark