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And so it begins…

Finally! After over a year of planning, scheming and scraping up money we are finally going to get our RV and start our new life!! Well… almost. <sigh>

Let me start by introducing “us”: We are Mark (the master mechanic and fabulous hubby), Shelly (photographer & luckiest wife in the world), Shine (the Oriental shorthair cat, aka HIS MAJESTY) and Tank (the black lab, aka Mr. DuFUSS). You can read more about the gang on our “About Us” page!

For over a year and a half we’ve been planning on moving into an RV to see this fabulous country of ours, all the while workamping and boondocking along the way. Obviously the first step was actually GETTING an RV. (duh) But what to get?? Travel trailer? Fifth wheel? Class A/B/C? So many choices! And after reviewing what would work for our lifestyle and our pets (who will be going with us) we’ve made a decision and will be picking her up in two weeks! So what did we get?? I will reveal more on that later. <insert mysterious laugh here> ๐Ÿ™‚

So now to get on the road, right? Well, not quite. Unfortunately there are a few complications. Some good, and others just some obstacles we need to get around. We will talk about those things in future posts! So, for the time being we will be staying in the area while doing some trips to get the feel for the rig and getting acclimated to living in an RV. We will be moving full time into our rig after the first of the year! (We will need to get it set up for our use and lifestyle and make it “our own” prior to that). In the meantime, we will be posting here and hopefully sharing our experiences and learning from all the other blogs we follow. There is a ton of good information out there and we are grateful to the people who have gone before us. We can’t wait to burn our own trail so we can boondock… or bust!